How to relax when you are basically standing in someone else's personal space.

literally 2 minutes after this photo was taken, church let out and every inch of this space was covered in humans. 

Ahhhh the pool. 

When Ohio gets swampy, everyone runs (or swiftly walks) to the nearest body of water. And since the Ohio river is only good for swimming if you are wearing cement shoes, the pool is the water of choice on a hot, yucky day. 

So this Sunday we decided to have an all out family fun day at the local public pool, side note... when I first typed public I forgot the L, which was possibly a more accurate account of the pool. Oh those Freudian slips, armed with sunscreen and towels we embarked on our adventure. 

I don't care what anyone says, on a hot summer day there is nothing more relaxing than wading in lukewarm, waist deep water, elbow to elbow with everyone who lives within Cincinnati's city limits. I mean, is there truly anything better than swimming underwater and bumping into thighs and butts? I think not. 

Public Pools are a great way to get over germaphobia and claustrophobia. Or perhaps it's a great place to develop them. Either way I feel like I've grown as a person since the experience. 

Oh but those boys of mine, what fun they had! Splish Splashing all around, floating on their backs and cooling off, all while laughing and enjoying time with their mommy and daddy. 

Bottom line...those smiles were totally worth the stranger touching, even if I have to scrub this post (and everything else we own) with bleach about 5 times to feel okay about life again. 

But come on! How can you deny all of this adorableness outfitted in matching bathing suits of anything? Especially showing them off at the Pool? I'm a total softie, Matching swimsuits will make me give in to anything. I swear. 

I mean, who wouldn't touch a strange armpit for these two?

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