Picnics, Spiddles, and dirt...OH MY!

Those are straight up happiness spiddles. Try not to melt. 

Ohio weather has really been courting us hard this late spring. Diving in for that first smooch, holding the door open, the whole nine yards. And although this unseasonable warmth  is  putting a damper on my razor budget since we're starting this whole summer thing earlier,  I'm totally rocking the whole forgive and forget mentality, bucking up and doing my female shaving duties without complaint, because this weather gets the little guys out of our house and into the world. Summer is in the business of making little boys smile. And today was no exception.

Here in Ohio, sunny days usually follow the same protocol, sleeping in tad later than usual oh that air conditioning makes me SWOON, followed by a quick breakfast/ sunscreen application (which usually results in me tasting Coppertone for the rest of the day), then heading outside for hardcore playtime only to be stopped by lunch, which this particular day was sponsored by Ronald McDonald himself, then to continue the afternoon/evening with more play.

And the grand finale, is that after a quick dinner, bath and minimal protest, the boys are off to dreamland only to be awakened by the next morning's sunny day to start it all over again.

It's 100% summer bliss at it's finest.

Bravo Ohio. It looks like you've outdone yourself once again.

Praying and hydrating. Multi-tasking is a very important part of  busy sunny day plans.

Speaking of unnecessary photography,

I was named one of the 30  Mommies to follow on DisneyBaby.com!
Check it out by CLICKING HERE (hint; slide 21 my guys are riding a vacuum, um I mean "spaceship")!!!!!

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