Becoming a work from home blogger is a hustle, and I haven't even been down in the deepest trenches yet. I still have so much to learn, I still need to be the proverbial "freshman" and work my way up the ranks. I need to learn from everyone who has taken their precious time to mentor me, and I need to value it, bottle it up and bathe in it until I understand who I am and where I'm going.. Knowledge is power, and I'm so thirsty to learn.

But as thirsty as I am, I have to remember why in the world I'm type- type- typing away, and that is so one day, I can officially wear the name tag of professional blogger. It's a tough road, and I'm still on the starting line, and although I would be completely content being in front of the computer 24/7, I have to remember that these moments with my boys are the best moments, and working and becoming successful is never going to be as sweet as the bobbly steps and the first discoveries full of excitement for my little ones.

So today I put down the computer, turned off the phone, and took a break from the hustle.

Today we went outside.

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