"Nickelback is the greatest band of our generation!"

So back in 2006 when the hubster was just a boyfriend, we would stay out way later than our bedtimes and make googly eyes at each other while learning every detail of each other's lives. We would talk over the craziest of dreams and our future together and dish about whatever came to mind.

One night, while we were having a conversation regarding the end of our civilization and what future time traveling aliens would find in the rubbish and rubble of planet earth, my hubster looked at me with the straightest of faces and uttered the words that have now become our family staple.

"Nickelback is the greatest band of our generation!"

I know. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

At the time, I protested. I argued. Not because I hate Nickelback or anything (I mean I had a Chad Kroger perm/haircut in the 6th grade) but because they are well, Nickelback. The hipster, music fiend in me couldn't handle the truth. In my mind, there are billions of bands way less annoying than Nickelback.

But what was (and still is) annoying is that he is right. If our civilization ended and millions of years from now aliens (or people) from another planet came to search through our records and written history, they would find that from the years 1998 to 2013 that Nickelback had approximately 5,000 songs on the Billboard charts and countless amounts of number one singles (how I'll never know) not to mention almost constant radio play. I mean, when was the last time you turned on a radio station (especially a mix one) or gone to a movie, and didn't hear a Nickelback song? I'll tell you when. The early 90's. Not to mention everyone knows the words to at least one of their songs. Repetition? Perhaps.Regardless of how we know the words, I believe that we are all just one drink away from busting into a flash mob, Glee style and singing that Spider-Man song about being a Hero (which is what I would be considered after my tone deaf bum sits down and my star performance is over). We don't want to know these songs, but we all do. Unless you've been under a rock or something.

Every generation needs a band to tell their story. My Parents had Elvis, then The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. My brother had Billy Joel, Micheal Jackson, and Nirvana (they were angry those 90's) and as badly as I wish that any other band, even a boy band could have taken that title, but they just didn't have the staying power of a band that makes the same song famous over and over with different words.

Sometimes in life, no matter how much you protest or argue, things just don't go your way. So when the Hubs and I have a particularly tough day, like when the boys are crazy, the money is sparse and our fear of unemployment grows with each passing day, we look at each other with a grin and shout "Nickelback is the greatest band of our generation!" It's become our war whoop of sorts, our simple reminder that bad things don't have to define us, just like how the majority of our generation liking crappy music doesn't have to define us either.

So crank up that Nickelback and pray that we all live long enough to explain ourselves to the aliens.

I mean seriously, Nickelback?

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