Just a Mum.

We are officially in the photo boycotting phase with Theo. Luckily, we have this obligatory Mother's Day picture to document such a monumental phase.
Man oh man. This Mother's Day sure did me in.

No seriously, I caught this epic cold and have been suffering like a Kleenex commercial ever since (except for the whole sneezing into the tissue thing...I just can't seem to get my timing right on that one).

Regardless, it was still a Mother's Day for the record books. I got to sleep for more than a three hour stretch, candies and flowers where showered upon me, and I got to spend the day with my entire family.

It was perfection. Pure cheesy mommy perfection.

But the favorite part of the day? Hands down the fact that Elliot's bobbly legs got the whole walking memo, and took Cincinnati by storm! Crawling is now down to a minimum and the cowboy himself, Elliot is officially a big boy. In the words of the hubster "we officially don't have a baby anymore". Luckily, his straddle walking is so cute that it distracts me from getting all Mom-motional (Mom +emotional=mom-motional) about it.

All in all these boys are pretty rad and I'm glad they claim me as their mommy, that is until they hit about 14 and I start sloppy kissing and over sharing circumcision stories with their friends, I mean, the embarrassing mom bit is the best part of being a parent amIrite?

Here's to hoping all of you mommies, grand-mommies and especially mommies-to -be had a great day. I know I sure did.

This whole mom gig is the bee's knees I tell you. Nothing better.

Cheers and XoXos,

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