Please refrain from singing the rest of the lyric "just killed a man" (from Bohemian Rhapsody) because I had to as I was typing this in a coffee shop, with my big glasses looking like a cross between Mr. Magoo and Maxine from the "hey your old" section of greeting cards. 

Ladies are supposed to be seen and not heard.


My momma taught me otherwise, hence this whole blog startup thing.  In fact, my mom taught me the opposite. She taught me to be me...which happens to be loud, obnoxious and totally in your face.

Yes, that Evelyn Sue has always been quite the progressive lady, mostly because she is the most crazy independent person I've ever met in my life, but also partly because she was raised by the godfather (err mother) of women's liberation, my grandma Helen. Although very different, they both shared the passion for working towards their dreams and achieving them.

They are my inspirations... every single day as I chicken peck away at this blog, hoping and praying that it expands my writing ability and enhances my future opportunities.So this mother's day I'll be celebrating everything Suzie (and Helen in heaven), and what she has taught me in this life.

Oh and if you're wondering if the rumors are true, Yes, my mom did have a make out session with Glen Campbell back in the day ( wayyyyy before she met my dad), back when he was THE Rhinestone Cowboy.

I mean look at her, can you blame him?

She was (and still is) quite the babe that mom of mine.

Happy Mothers day all you Mothers.  Thanks for holding us in your uterus's and in your hearts.

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