Kind of like the Wahlbergs.

These boys sure do love each other,  and nothing, I mean nothing in this world makes me prouder. At the end of the day, nothing else matters except for the love we have for one another, and it makes my heart smile knowing that someday when the hubs and I are gone, that they'll always have each other to lean on.

Also my hopes for a family band are way more feasible when they actually like each other, so move over  Jonas Brothers, our boys are stealing the cute spotlight. Okay...maybe the pressure of worldwide teeny bopper success is a little excessive. I guess I'll settle for a one hit wonder like Evan and Jaron, I mean, there's always jobs at TBS amirite?

Seriously though, based on cuteness alone, they already have girls screaming, and by girls I mean mommy, and by screaming I mean yelling to get their hands out of the toilet. Not so dreamy, but everyone had to start somewhere , right? You get the picture.

Until then however, we'll be outside enjoying this 81 degree sunny weather coated in sunscreen from head to toe, and I'll keep bobbing and weaving to keep the suns glares from hitting my unshaven legs and exposing my caveman roots.

Happy Wednesday and hooray MAY is here! My birthday countdown has officially begun eeeeeee!

Best buddies. 

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