I peaked in high school (and other concerns).

Who has two thumbs and loved high school?

This girl. That's who. But I have a major legitimate fear in my life that haunts me daily. Yes, I fear that I peaked in High School, which is pretty pathetic, because although I was very social, I wasn't popular, had a C average and cut my eyebrows with scissors instead of tweezing or waxing  (true story, you can totally tell the time frames of my life based upon my eyebrows alone in photographs)..

Plus I felt like sleeveless turtlenecks were a style, so if that's the best that this life has to offer than Lord help me. I mean, I know that I'm pretty great at pro-creating and all that, but since that's more instinctual than talent, I feel like I can't take much credit. My anxieties are only amplified by the devil himself's (Mark Zuckerberg) creation known as Facebook. I love connecting and all of that business, but it's hard to see everyone I graduated with rocking it out in the financial arena's of their chosen profession, because shoot girl, I thought I'd be rocking it out too.

Again, let me re-iterate, I know that staying at home is a job, but I'm here to tell you that I want more... you know, the whole cake and eating it too scenario.

Enter Go Mighty.

This website is freaking awesome. You go, you make a life list of goals and they connect you with people to help you reach them. And it's free. Hey HOLLA hey, sign me up right?

Here are a few goals that I've set for myself;

-Attend Camp Mighty, where I can hook up with people to make my goals become a reality.
-Write a book
-Take a Trapeze Class
-Sell something on Etsy
-Write a Sitcom
-Become a successful blogger
-Visit Hawaii
-Have at least one speaking line in a TV, Commercial or Movie.

And the best part? TWO of my goals are already in the works (hint, it's not the etsy or the trapeze). I encourage you to check this place out, I'm not being paid to say this, I just am obsessed with the concept of not only reaching for the stars but actually being able to touch them. Because, let's face it, no one wants to peak in high school.

This Beaver* is reaching Onward.

*My High school's mascot was a Battlin' Beaver and our fight song was Onward Beavers. Get your mind out of the gutter you pervs. 

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