It was the summer of 2004. I was headed off to college, freaked out about date rape and frat boys, when I found myself on a bus full of dancers and cheerleaders on our way to camp to represent Wright State University.

It was happening. I was a college freshman a total fish out of water, and back at social square one. Luckily, a 15 hour bus ride is the perfect time to make new friends. Since I was a freshman, I didn't have a seat (riding in the aisle was part of my freshman initiation) so I floated all along the bus, mostly involuntarily due to the horrible driving of our bus driver. Bumping into people, is totally the best way to start conversations, so I chalked it all up to fate and introduced myself to everyone. I especially gravitated to one particularly cute and funny male cheerleader, and almost like a magnet our story began. 

He introduced himself, and we spent all night (it was an overnight trip) staying up late and quoting lines from "The Best of Will Ferrell" and discussing why Dane Cook was only "sometimes funny". Although I was still dating my serious high school boyfriend  (who went away to college), I became great friends with this male cheerleader who totally just got me. He understood comedy (my favorite subject) he was caring, and always the life of the party.

I decided at that moment that this cat was pretty cool, and after asking him years later, his exact words were "I totally had a thing for the hot new freshman (gee golly, me?), but I knew she had a boyfriend, so I put it all out of my mind". Spoken like a true gentleman. 

Flash forward to Winter 2006. After a rough breakup with my high school boyfriend and many failed attempts at dating anyone resembling an ounce of normalcy, I decided to own being single (for the first time in my life) and enjoy my freedom. I got super involved in college, made the best grades and continued my role as a dancer supporting my school. My fellow dancers became like family and we took care of each other. My favorite male cheerleader had since graduated and became a teacher at my old Alma mater (weird, I know) but his then girlfriend was still cheering (she was younger), so I saw them together often, even though we hadn't hung out in quite awhile. 

Timeout: At this point I didn't know that I had a thing for this guy, but I was very protective in a friend way, Totally, ridiculously protective. 

I didn't really know his girlfriend, but some of the cheerleaders had some unspoken beef with the dancers and we in turn had issues with them. Tattling really? Any who, we weren't the best of friends. to say the least. So that's why when I heard the rumor , and saw with my own eyes,  that she was cheating on my favorite male cheerleader with another less amazing and sourly male cheerleader, I told my coach and friend Heather, who was a mutual friend of mine and favorite male Cheerleader. Because I was outraged. HE WAS MINE! MY FAVORITE MALE CHEERLEADER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! My Respectful, fun, sweet, perfect friend did not deserve this! 

I think the conversation with Heather went a little like this.

"Heather, did you hear *Blank is cheating on My Cheerleader? How could someone do that to him? He's the greatest guy! I mean, I just LOVE him."

Sometimes that subconscious has a funny way of slipping in it's two cents.Not to mention a little thing called fate and by golly, that fate was working overtime,  because Heather immediately called My Male Cheerleader and told him that his girlfriend was indeed cheating(he'd had a hunch, but this was the proof he needed to end it) , but Heather, always the positive counselor,  finished the conversation on a high note, letting him know that " the good news is that Jessica is in  love with you".

Ugh, I'm cringing as I'm writing this, I've never been the shrinking violet , and I'm not a very patient waiter for someone to chase after me... Clearly Disney movies hadn't taught me anything in life. 

But one party and three weeks of hanging out every single day, we called it official and became an item. A year and a half later we became engaged and a year and a few months after that we got married. 

On May 23, 2009, my favorite male cheerleader became my Hubster. For all of eternity. 

Happy 4th Anniversary Hubs, and a special thank you shout out to the used-to-be for cheating in plain sight so I could pass along the information to my girl Heather, who to this day I owe everything great in my life to.

Oh, and in case you're wondering,  it was all totally worth it...even the initial awkward, 'yes I said I was in love with you' conversation, because out of all that crazy,  I landed the Hubster of my dreams and now we have two adorable kiddos. Life really couldn't be any better.  

And THAT my friends, is how you catch a Husband. 

Yes a dancer married a cheerleader, our relationship is a combination of the movies Center Stage and Bring it on. Talk about a mishmash of dreams amIright? Cooper Neilsen and T-T-T-Torrence (you're captain Torrence)? Mind. Officially. Blown.

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  1. I am making you a t-shirt that says "THAT MALE CHEERLEADER IS MINE!" xo