And The InstaGRAMMY goes to... my top 4 Instagram Apps.

It's no secret. Instagram is my most favorite form of social media. Sorry blog, I love you lots, but there is nothing like the warm and fuzzies you get from looking at Filtered photos of other people's kids and lives.

You just can't beat Instagram.

But the biggest faux pas you can make on Instagram, is having bad photos. I'm not talking about pictures that are distasteful (those get the boot from Instagram), I'm talking about pictures with weird coloring (usually too dark), grainy focus and just plain bad. Instagram pictures should be like the Senior picture portion of the yearbook. Clear, colorful (unless you're going for an artsy black and white vibe) and just plain better than any other pictures. You want them to look like a postcard, all dolled up and ready to be sent around the world. Okay maybe that sounds a bit too radical, but I told you...I adore Instagram.

Enter the best thing to happen to Instagram since the Walden filter...extra Apps.

These Apps are designed to spruce up every photo with extra filters, totally rad borders, awesome fonts (to type into photos and really neat features to professionalize your photos.

Since I'm the go big or go home type, I wanted to host the first annual InstaGRAMMYs, where I myself nominate my top 4 Instagram Apps imagine me in a ball gown , (okay truth... I'm in sweatpants, but just imagine) holding a golden camera trophy for the winners. 

So without further adieu.

Best Doodle Award:  A beautiful Mess. 

This App is the cutest thing to happen since sliced bread. For only .99 you can have a ton of neat borders, colorful customized text,doodles and awesome phrases. The masterminds behind the blog A beautiful Mess have created graphic design  genius. In fact, all day yesterday, Instagram was flooded with #abeautifulmess upon it's new release. Needless to say it did not disappoint.

Pros: This App is super cute for dolling up your pictures, there are tons of options. The pre-made doodles are AMAZING.
Cons: Some of the cutest doodles, phrases and borders are not included in the original .99 and cost extra. When you type your own phrase, many of the fonts don't show up as well, and the bolder fonts are an added in App cost.

Best App for writing my own phrases:  Over

This App is awesome, and it completely steps in where other apps fall short. A little more expensive 1.99 this App offers tons of fonts with endless color choices. There are many bold font choices as well as lighter fonts to choose from, but I felt like the included fonts were perfect for my needs and I did not need to purchase the in App extra fonts.

Pros: This is my go to App when writing my own phrases on a picture.
Cons: Over is a little more expensive, and and extra fonts do have an extra cost. The fonts are only 2 dimensional, and cannot be adjusted to appear multi-dimensional.

Best Cutout borders: Afterlight

After being introduced to this App via my Instagram, I immediately fell in love. This is my go to App when it comes to quirky and unique cut-out borders. Priced at .99, this app adds a fun feel to any photo. It takes me back to a simpler time when I would cut out heart shaped pictures of Justin Timberlake. Now there's an App that traces a perfect heart border around the pictures of my newest little crushes (my kids).

Pros: There are endless border possibilities, Shapes, Letters and endless cropping and focusing abilities. Afterlight also offers an array of editing tools.
Cons: I was not impressed with their filters, although they have many to choose from, they seemed to all look the same. Though this may just be an operator error, since I'm in no way a professional photographer. Also Afterlight also does not include collage options.

Best all around editing & collage options :     Photogene 2

This is the big daddy of all Instagram Apps and priced at 1.05 it should be. This is my go to for awesome filters, photo editing and creating picture collages. It is my most used App, and I love it. Photogene 2 is my number one choice for making Iphone pictures look professional.

Pros: Need I say more about the editing possibilities and the filters. Seriously. Photogene 2 is for the professional photographer posers (a.k.a me).
Cons: The Cost. Spending anything over .99 on an App makes me itchy and twitchy. Even if it's worth it.

So those are the InstaGrammys for spring of 2013. I hope that you learned more about theses Apps, and less about my apparent photo App hoarding problem.

Enjoy your Apps and happy Instagramming!

^^^ You'll notice that the sitting baby overtakes my photos at this point. The mobile 3 year old has learned how to dive and duck. Hopefully we will see a "sitting still" App in the near future. 

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  1. Seriously, you just taught me so much. I see other people post photos with words and I'm all "I want to do funny" but I'm, you know, 40 so this social media thing is still like cable television and MTV was to my parents.