An unlikely pair.

After church yesterday, we were driving on the official Cincinnati Festival hunt (Catholic Church festivals are legit around these parts, perfect fun for a small budget) and as we were waiting at a stop light, an interesting looking couple holding hands (and looking very much in love for that matter) crossed in front of our car.

As they were crossing I looked at the Hubster and remarked that this couple seemed like an unlikely pair. And they did. The girl was BEAU-TIFUL, dressed to the nines in a flowing Maxi, adorable shoes, and literally the most perfect accessories I have ever seen in my life. Her hair and makeup were flawless, and she was just glowing radiance.

The guy not so much. He had a long stringy mullet, was wearing an airbrushed wolf shirt and Pajama pants. Needless to say, they were a little mis-matched.So when I said those words out loud, my expectation was for my husband to agree. I mean PJs and Evening gown! Come on!

Instead, he looked at me mouth agape. Like I had just sprouted two heads. And he uttered the words I least expected to hear.

" Jess I can't believe you would say something so racist"

After a double- no TRIPLE take at the couple, I realized what he was talking about. They were a mixed couple.And I didn't even notice. But my words, my completely innocent words were taken to a horrible, ugly place, even though my intentions weren't anywhere near racial.

Sigh. In one breath I'm happy. Happy that I married someone who cares enough about me and my face (so I don't get punched for saying something stupid), and sad, that such an innocent statement could be turned into something so awful.

For the record, I am not racist, but if I see you out in Pajamas an an airbrushed wolf shirt, I may double take...especially if you're holding hands with someone way out of your league.

I'm nothing if honest.


  1. Just discovered your blog...I am in love! I think we might have a bit in common...stop by mine ANYTIME and I'd love to feature you. You are hilarious. New IG stalker and FB liker here!

  2. Lol, certainly honest...I probably wouldn't have taken the comment as racist and think your hubs is kinda funny for taking it that way :-)