All about a Wednesday.

Bubbles. The alpha of all summer activities in our world. 

It's an Indian Summer, Native American summer? Is that even a thing? here for sure. Hot hot heat and  unbearable humidity. Well hello, Ohio...you've surely skipped spring. Fortunately  the heat and the small children give me a free pass to frolic in the hose like an overgrown hillbilly in a retro bikini (I'm sure Mod Cloth had an entirely different image for their product), but since the only beach in southern Ohio belongs to the muddy, chemical dump...a.k.a the  Ohio river, I'll take the lesser of the two evils and drink from the garden hose like it isn't polluted with fluoride. OH why can't anything be innocent anymore?

To top it all off.... My anxiety levels are at a dangerous high, with the crazy storms that hit our country this week. As a lifetime worry wort and habitual freak about storms (seriously, I'm on a first name basis with my local meteorologist ..well I call him by his first name, he doesn't actually know me), there's nothing that scares me more than Tornadoes. So as we brace ourselves for a bit of severe weather, I'm thinking and  praying for those who are sifting through the rubble and trying to fit their lives back together, piece by piece.

Oh and I'm also hugging my boys and kissing their squishy cheeks a bit more than usual, but that goes without saying. I feel like I've said that way too much this year, and it's only May.

Speaking of May... in our house, this is a big month. Tomorrow will be our 4th anniversary and then Friday is my birthday. Ugh, those Birthdays were so rad back in the day. Now they just remind me of my youth that is gone and it's a countdown until I hit geriatric level and I can say whatever I want.

But I love this week. Every year, this is my retrospective week where I plan out my life, and make irrational expectations of myself, knowing that the odds of me sticking to them are slim to none. It's almost like a semi-annual planning of resolutions that may never come to fruition, of sorts...it's all wildly liberating.

So there's that going for me this week.

Oh and also, it's about that time to brace ourselves for a long weekend, full of sunscreen (for the boys) ,and on purpose sunburn ( for me...I truly adore laying out), summer drinks and mooching off of our neighbors pool. Is there a better way to pay my respects on Memorial Day? I think not.

So here's to all of the fun that the end of May has to offer.

Ahoy ye' MAYteys.

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