Weekend out of town.

I went out of town all by myself.

Well, technically, I wasn't alone, and I was only about an hour and a half away. But there was a happy hour and an overnight involved. So it counts.
There's just something so free about not having to carry children, plus a diaper bag, snacks and drinks, plus a purse and overnight supplies. Seriously, I did not know what to do with my hands. I kept jamming them in my pockets, because they felt like two floppy chickens swinging at my sides. It was so awkward to not have anything to do all the time. I forgot what that felt like. Holy alone time, I was free. 

Don't get it twisted, (forgive my Atlanta jargon, I had to catch up on both reunions of the Housewives when I got home, by the way, isn't Kim's real hair everything?)  I totally missed my boys while I was gone. However, the happy hour was long, the drinks were cold, and I got to spend some quality time with my dance family. All in all, it was a pretty great weekend, despite the pull out bed that had a 1 inch thick mattress that was suggested to cover the steel beams strategically placed with the purpose to ache your spine for days. Luckily the 3 Margaritas at happy hour dulled the ache . 

I'm kind of an idiot when I stay in hotels, I mean,after I check in and wage a full on bed bug hunt I tend to get really comfortable. Too comfortable. Like, I'm no stranger to being caught eating the breakfast buffet sans bra,comfortable. Call it freedom or whatever, but I get this weird sense of confidence staying in a hotel. I fee like I can do whatever I want, regardless of sociatial norms or normal accepted behaviors. Cannon balls in the hot tub,  Bra-less at breakfast...it's all okay, because I don't remember judgement being given at checkout, with my free continental breakfast. 

Bottom line, a few days away from the kiddos and hubs was the perfect antidote that I didn't even realize I needed. Being a young mommy is hard. Being a young wife is hard. Being both and still being true to yourself is even tougher and almost impossible at times. One day without anyone needing me was straight bliss, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to get away and recharge. I awoke this morning with new energy and focus, ready to enjoy the life that I've been given. 

Who knew, a weekend full of happy hours, dance competitions and good friends could be just what the doctor ordered?

Happy Monday ya'll. 

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