This is a fashion post?

I want you to really take that question mark up at the end. Ron Burgandy style.

Good, now that's out of the way, here's the deal. I live in the Midwest. That's Mid-A-West. The fashion capital of the world...haha Siiiiiieeke.

But you really can't blame us, due to the erratic weather patterns, Ohio is tough in the fashion department. I mean it, do you notice why there's no Real Housewives of Midwestern cities? It's because no one looks good with pit stains and frizzy humidity hair. Please, don't give me the excuse that the ladies in the south have it any worse, they all wear wigs and weaves we're so on to you Andy Cohen.

But if Ohio weather has made me anything, it's made me tough so  I take my risks and fashion up. Not really in a designer way, but  more in a Forever 21, Zara, H&M Target kind of budget. I know. We're only high class in these parts. I mean, I dream in Anthropologie, and the occasional stop in the sale room is inevitable, but honestly, my kids are just too rough on me to ruin a perfect Anthro tee the inagural time of wear. Translation, I love everything within those four walls, but it just don't fit my lifestyle ya'll. Oh and don't get me even get me started on Madewell. I'm drooling at the thought.

By the way Zara...hows about we open a store somewhere close to me. A 6 hour travel radius is just not in my budget. Ok well technically, none of it is in my budget, but gas money shouldn't be a factor. Take that to headquarters. Boom.

So my favorite trend, beside the obvious Momiform I wear, loose V neck with  Leggings (yes as pants...I'm one of those) and shoes that look like I stole them from a bowling alley, would be the colored skinny jean.

I just can't get enough of this mint business. Period. Match it with something black and white and I swoon. Literally. Up into the sky. I just can't help it.

Add in a blouse and I hit anti gravity swoon. Is that a real thing? You bet.

Here's my favorite take on this 80's inspired trend...

Blouse-Forever 21, Jeans- Macy's, Purse- Vintage, Shoes-Target (last season)

Have no fear, skinny jeans are still here. Regardless of those self conscious thoughts and ridiculous loathing of my post baby curves. It's time to own it ladies.

Freaking own it. 

^I was on Last Call with Brittany Gibbons last night talking about fashion and the wonders of Spanx and Wine. Okay I wasn't actually talking about wine, but I was drinking it. Close enough.

If you missed it watch HERE! Don't watch it at work, that is if you want to have a job tomorrow. 

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