ahhhhh breathe it in...Spring is in the air!

                                                               Oh Hey Spring. What's up?

I'm going to act nonchalant about the weather, because you know how Ohio can be. Fickle as all get out. One second you are super happy wearing flip flops and coming to terms with shaving your legs and then the next thing you know, freak snowstorm, freezing temperatures and 4 new inches of leg hair instantly, by the way has anyone ever tested that myth, do goosebumps really make your hair grow? I'm calling Mythbusters tomorrow...

 I'll try to contain my excitement, because Ohio weather is a PMSing brat that preys on the happiness of it's citizens and throws in rainy, yuckiness just for fun. So in a completely non- excited, monotone fashion I will let you know that IT'S GOING TO BE FREAKING 79 DEGREES TODAY which is only 19 degrees lower than 98 Degrees...the hottest boy band ever (even as a die hard NSync fan, I'll be the first to admit how dreamy 98 degrees is...I mean, they are so so muscle-y). To summarize...it's not quite Nick Lachey HOT, but it's definitely Drew Lachey HOT, and that's pretty great. I'll take a  Drew day any day.

Here in the Nati things are going pretty great, the boys have serious dirt mustaches, bubble goop, and grass stains everywhere. Not to mention our very own rota-tiller,  Elliot who refuses to walk, but does the perfect amount of rustling up the soil with his crawling knees :).  And the hubs, OH that Hubs is in seventh heaven because those Cincinnati Reds are playing some great baseball. All in all, things are pretty great, even though we all woke up with scratchy throats from sleeping with the windows open, but that's just a part of the spring territory, you know? I mean we are totally owning it... raspy voices are tres chic, right?

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Spring in Ohio is the season of forgiveness. So Ohio, LISTEN UP. I forgive you for all of the crappy weather this winter and hell-esque temperatures last summer. Spring makes it all worth it, even if it only lasts for a few weeks. I'll take it gracefully and eat my Ohio weather hating words all day long, if it'll give us more days like this, because Spring in Ohio is the B-E-S-T best. So onward and upward with the sidewalk chalk, wagon rides, bike races, bubble blowing and dirt digging!

Welcome back Spring. It's been way to long.

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