Some days you just want to punch a wall

But then I look in the mirror and realize that I would have to be the one to clean that crap up. So I change my mind and pour a 4th cup of coffee while burning an entire batch of no bake cookies that I intend to consume anyway. Because it's just one of those freaking days. Why the hell didn't anyone tell me that real life is nothing like TV. Seriously, my entire expectation level on marriage came from Nick and Jess on Newlyweds. Dammit they got divorced didn't they? Oh well, they looked really good while they were married...you get the picture.

I mean, why isn't anyone honest in this world? Why didn't the deacon doing our marriage prep class tell us"hey some days you're going to feel like elbow dropping your spouse...that's a normal feeling".I mean, I'd never actually do any harm to the man I love, but that doesn't mean that I don't get annoyed as hell and want to sometimes. I totally know that everyone has hard times, and I know that everyone gets annoyed with their spouse and family. But just once I'd like to see some freaking reality in the world... that way, when I have a day like today, I won't feel like such a failure (c'mon reality...show your face ya dumb coward).

It would make my day to see someone else feel like punching a wall too.

Today is just one of those days I guess and although I'm so thankful for my life and blessings, I'm human and I get annoyed sometimes. Please don't judge.

^^^I AM in NO way advocating violence or abuse in any kind. So if you feel that way, know that I would never hurt a fly. Oh and lighten up...it's just a freaking blog post.

On the bright side, TOMORROW is Thursday which means another hilarious webisode of Last Call With Brittany. I'll try to be more still this week and appear less Muppety

We're talking fashion so squeeze into those spanx and push up bra. It's going to be rad.

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  1. Okay, I literally just a few minutes ago screamed "I LOVE YOU, BUT I CAN'T TALK TO YOU. BYE." then slammed the phone on my husband. Then I logged into Blogger & read this. I am beyond glad that someone out there relates. You get it! While I love my guy to death, that man can annoy the dog crap out of me. & sometimes I wonder if he knows it & does it on purpose. HUSBANDS! UGH!

    Found your blog through Brittany Herself. :)