How to wax your own eyebrows and the worst pictures of me in the world.

Not to be confused with how to wax your ONE eyebrow.

Regardless, I think everyone could benefit from this tutorial. A quick background, I used to be a hair stylist (for 3 years) and my very favorite thing was waxing eyebrows. I HATE HATE plucking my own, and I usually like to have them threaded, but the last few times they have taken my eyebrows a bit thin. So I dusted off my ole wax pot, and decided to leave this little nugget of a tutorial just for all of you.

First, I use a satin smooth wax pot, and when I buy wax to do my own brows I don't fool around with soft wax and strips. Strips can be stressful when you only have one line of sight, and they are the EASIEST way to take off an eyebrow (I've seen it happen, actually by a cosmetology instructor, but that's another story for another day), so I purchase the Satin Smooth Hard wax. It's pink, and recommended for sensitive area waxing (so it's bikini approved)  and it's the only type of wax that can be used in the same spot twice (although not really recommended unless necessary). It's a little hard (pun intended) to get used to, but used with firm sticks (I use the ones that are actually for nails, broken in half) it goes on smooth and thick.

But before we get into all of that gooey goodness. First I begin by taking a hot shower to soften up the follicles. This explains my Wolf "The Dentist" Stanton slicked back do, and my extreme adult acne that you will see in the following pictures. It's nothing but glamour up in hurrr.

Then I take my least favorite eyebrow pencil (sharpened of course) and draw out the outline of my dream eyebrow. This works for me because I have very light eyebrows, but it also works well if you use a completely different color, that way you know never to apply wax past the line. STICKING TO YOUR SHAPE IS VITAL. EVEN A SLIP CAN REMOVE A VITAL HAIR ,THUS CREATING A VANILLA ICE SLIT. So please don't skip this step.

So, now that you have your Connect the Dots eyebrows drawn, it's time to dip the stick (ew) and apply that wax. Remember to apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows and then remove it the opposite way.

Start in the middle with the uni-brow  applying upward from the nose toward the forehead. Make sure to keep the end thick, that is the piece that you will lift up to pull, if it's too thin, then you will be pulling it off into tiny pieces, and if that happens then you are basically pulling out your eyebrow hairs one by one. Hell on earth it is.

After waiting for a few seconds to dry lift the top flap (I use the beveled end of an unused stick to pop up the edge, and while holding the skin tight, pull quickly down toward the nose.

Continue moving outward onto the "elevens" applying upwards and removing by pulling downward. After your first piece, I usually apply one strip of wax, and then while that is drying, apply the symmetrical piece as well. By the time you have finished the second, the first strip should be ready to pull.

Now it's time to move onto the underside of the eyebrow. I do the actual shaping in two (sometimes three) pieces. The nose to center of arch on each eyebrow, and then the arch to the end of the eyebrow on each side (closest to the hairline).Wax is hard to manipulate  so getting the perfect arch is tough, especially with one good line of sight. Take your time and if you need to do the top of the arch separately then go for it. The key is achieving a clean line.

Do not let your pieces overlap and become one big piece. Hard wax is easier pulled in shorter lengths.

After the underside is complete on each eye, move to the top of the eyebrow, moving from nose to ear. Following your guide apply a thick strip from the start of the eyebrow (nos) outward towards the arch on the  the left eyebrow, and then on the right. Applying a little higher than your drawn line may be a good idea if you have extremely long hair. Remember the wax will grab onto anything it touches, so you may need to trim first.

After tearing each first top strip from arch to nose outward to inward), apply the last strip of wax from the arch to the end of the eyebrow (starting where you last ended) on each side. Pull inward MAKING SURE TO PULL YOUR EYEBROW TIGHT. This will help pain and keep from tearing off skin.

After the waxing, use wax remover, Vitamin E oil or Coconut oil to gently remove excess wax. Comb eyebrow hair down and trim anything that curls under the eyebrow line. Then comb eyebrow hair up and trim anything that goes over the eyebrow line. This will keep the caterpillar hairs at bay.

Finish with a few dabs of witch hazel for the swelling and redness and then give yourself an air high five because you just waxed your own eyebrows! HOLLA!

Some Do's and Dont's...

Do make sure you have wax remover, vitamin E oil or coconut oil on hand YOU WILL HAVE DRIPS and you may apply too closely, it takes patience, but wax remover will save your brow with rubbing and prayer.

Don't forget to pull your skin tight in the opposite direction that you are pulling. DON'T BE afraid of wrinkles, DO be afraid of losing skin.

Do give yourself time. Just like anything else, there is a learning curve, so Don't give up..

Don't sue me if things go awry and you end up with McDonald's arches eyebrows, I am a professional, but please take caution when doing anything with flaming hot wax and body hair. That's just a common sense thing.

oh yes and DON'T try to put away your wax pot too soon. Otherwise you will trip and spill resulting in a wax pot that will look like this...

Oh well. At least I have bangin' eyebrows.

^^^You can purchase wax and a wax pot better than this one by clicking here. And the sticks I use are these.^^^This is an unsponsored post FYI/

Happy waxing.

^Disclaimer- Ignore the horrible pictures Iphone in the face and up the nose totally doesn't do anyone justice. ESPECIALLY not my wonky eye!

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  1. I used to wax my friends eyebrows in college. Until somehow I gave one of my friends an eyebrow that looked like an inverted check mark. Oops.