Here's the skinny; Mason and the Tambourine.

Theo is wearin Mason and the Tambourine in geometric #1.

When you have a tall skinny toddler, pants are an issue. For awhile we got away with them without problems thanks to the wonder of the diaper. Then potty training happened, revealing a tall drink of water with nothing for pants to grab on to. Long legs and tiny waist. The slippery slope of a skinny toddler backside  cannot be tamed by pants. It's basically a losing battle.

Here in good ole' Cincinnati Ohio, there are tons of opinions of what little boys should wear. And I heard them all when I started dressing my guys in leggings. Here the park attire consists of swishy pants and cars  shirts, which is great if you're into that. I prefer plain Tees for my guys (they wash and last better than prints) and I prefer pants that stay up (which sweat pants and swishy pants do NOT). It doesn't take much to keep me happy. Add in a little trend and I swoon. 

Enter Mason and The Tambourine. 

Leggings for boys (and girls). GASP! Skinny fit, perfect for the skinniest of skinnies, and adorable prints that even the most masculine of husbands can handle. Everyone's happy. especially Momma, because constantly pulling up pants and finageling belt out of household items just add to the stress of having littles.

I'm sure it'll take Cincinnati some getting used to, this boys in leggings trend, but I love it. I wear leggings everyday as a part of my Momiform, so  I get it.  Plus how can you deny the adorable prints!  I totally adore them because secretly I like to dress to compiment my boys ( I think my love for matching comes from all of those years growing up listening to the Judds with my mom) regardless of how cheesy.Slowly but surely the trend will arrive, but until then we'll be rocking our Mason and the Tambourines, just waiting for others to catch our drift. 

^^This is an un-sponsored post, just ramblings of how much I love these meggings- man+leggings= changing fashion as we know it. 

^^Check them out HERE

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