Giddy like a school girl.

Ok it's here.

Thursday April 11.

Tonight is the night! The debut of Last Call with Brittany. I'll be a panelist along with other totally hilarious and fabulous moms, gushing about the good stuff. It's almost a guarantee that the wine will be flowing, and female anatomy will be discussed. #NoFilter. You really won't want to miss it.

I'm so giddy, I literally feel like I'm getting ready for my first school dance, but instead of trying to sleep sitting up and spending all day getting my hair corn-rowed with baby butterfly clips, I'm chasing these little ones around and double-triple checking my Ethernet connection to make sure I'm ready to go. The wine is chilled, the computer is charged and the headphones are in the waiting position.

I'm a bit tired, because as all big events go, a nice night of sleep the night before cannot happen, because a series of weird dreams kept me awake. For instance, I had a dream that super cute popstar, Olly Murs accidentally called my phone in his smooth singing voice all like "My name is Olly nice to meet you,...Is this Steve?" and I'm all like 'no this isn't Steve it's Jess' and we proceeded to converse about how it was a wrong number, and I ended up Google-ing "Steve's" number for him and helping him find the wrong number. Ugh you know you're getting old when you are dreaming about helping a dreamy guy find the correct number instead of like, going on date or making out or something.The saddest part he's 2 years older than me (it's actually maybe the best part simply because I don't feel like an old creeper liking him...ah hem Beiber) NERD MOM ALERT. I'm basically one step away from those elastic waist jeans with the tight ankles. On a completely unrelated note, c'mon Olly,  when is your cd coming out in the US? Yesterday would have been a perfect Olly Murs driving with the windows down , kind of day. So when? When ?WHEN? The anticipation is killing me. 

Sleep or no sleep, the show must go on, and I'm PUMPED! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tune in tonight at 10:00 on Google Plus, for a good giggle and a glass of wine!

Tune IN by Clicking HERE #lastcallbrittany #parenting

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