Why Coconut Oil is my new BFF.

You know you're getting old, when you consider a miracle product to be your BFF.

But Seriously, I'm obsessed. That Dr. Bronner fellow really gets it you know?

Ever since I chopped my hair into my hipster do', got sick of it and then almost immediately decided to grow it out, I've been doing vitamins and hair treatments out the wazoo. I tried everything, and as a former hairstylist, I had access to anything and everything, but my absolute favorite treatment is the coconut oil. Once a week for about two hours I leave it on my hair despite the Bridgette Nielson jokes from my hubster (and his shoddy attempt at a Flava Flave impression) for about two hours or until it starts to get drippy. And when you take it off. It truly is a miracle. Not only is my hair like a baby's bottom, but I don't have to shampoo nearly as often. Oil fights oil! It's the bomb diggity and so easy to use. Either take a glob and rub it into your hands (to turn it into oil) or heat it under hot running water. Easy Peasy.

So naturally as obsessed as I am with this stuff, I've been finding a ton more ways to  use it  in my life. This busy mom adores products that can be used for more than one thing, if ya know what I mean.

Here are some of my other uses for Coconut oil

1. It's an amazing eye makeup remover! I'll never buy regular eye makeup remover ever again.
2. Perfect lip primer before applying lipstick to keep your lips looking moist and beautiful.
3. Great for diaper rash, or can be used as a barrier cream.
4. Awesome for soothing eczema or psoriasis spots.
5. Can be used instead of Lanolin on sore nursing nipples.
6. It works as an intensive overnight face moisturizer.
7. Taken with vitamin D can increase milk supply in nursing moms.
8. When applied to the scalp can improve dandruff and combat oils.
9. Can be used as in place of a shaving cream.
10. Can be used on cuticles to help nail growth.
11. A great substitute for vegetable oil in baking.
12. 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut oil to a gallon of water and natural floor cleaner can re-hydrate old fished wood floors.
13. Dabbed on a napkin, Coconut Oil can re-hydrate dry leather furniture (be careful a little bit goes a long way).
14. Use it in pace of Shea butter to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
15. Coconut Oil can  be used as a supplement for energy.
16. Works wonders for getting rid of cradle cap on babies.
17. Perfect for those flaky knees and elbows.
18. When added to pure cain sugar, it creates a natural, exfoliating scrub.
19. Perfect anti-itch cream for bug bites.
20. When mixed with salt, works wonders to exfoliate feet.

These are just a few ways I've used Coconut oil during the duration of our budding relationship, and although we haven't known each other for very long, I'm ready to give Coconut Oil the rose and call it my own because it truly is the bees knees when it comes to natural remedies, especially for beauty. All jokes aside...this stuff rocks.

Try it, and if you have any other awesome uses for Coconut Oil, send them my way, I'm always up for trying new things!

*This is an un-sponsored post... just a rambling of how I love the stuff.

**For color treated hair, take caution when using Coconut Oil as a mask, it has the power to strip your color. On the bright side it will brighten dull blonde highlights!

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