well we made it.

It's finally march!

We survived the January and the February drama to land us right here in March, which should technically be on the cusp of spring, or so I thought until last night.

Last night was Ohio reminding me that I am delusional in my hopes of an early spring, or at least the ability to have painted toe nails intact longer than 5 minutes post paint job. Seriously, boots are the absolute wooooorst thing next to tight socks on toe nail polish. Combine tight socks with boots and you might as well go jump off a bridge.

But this snow.It's just so beautiful.

That snow always has a way of making me super irritated, but then it flashes it's pearly whites and a "come and sled with me look" and I crumble. It's just so darn pretty. Not to mention days off, endless sledding and hot cocoa (multiple times in a day) are just what the doctor ordered sometimes.  I swoon (it doesn't take much).

Eat that summer.

Who needs tans, sunshine and sunscreen, when you have this snow kissed beauty.

Also our lack of melanin in the skin equates to heat rash and major sunscreen followed by major sunburn (gets me every time) so realistically I probably should be looking for real estate in Alaska anyway, regardless of my temperature preference.

Who would have thought a little snowstorm would pack enough ouch to shut down the state today. Why you ask? Well, because 7 inches = white death and we should all be glad that we survived through the night. Somewhere I think I hear our friends in the Northeast laughing at us, but it's cool I'll wear it with pride.

All in all a snow day is a snow day and I'll take it. Along with a 3 and a 1 year old dying to go outside and a mommy dreading the drama that will come with making them come back in before they turn into ice sickles after the playing is done.

Because on the inside I'll be groaning to stay outside longer too.

Ergh sometimes I hate having to be the grown up.

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  1. Ahhhhh....indeed it is pretty! When I see pics, I find myself missing the snow, but when I think about shoveling I'm glad we left Michigan and moved to Texas! Enjoy!
    (stopping by from Bloggy Moms)