Weekend Update; Sans Seth Meyers.

Top of the mornin' to ye'

Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.

These days time seems to be moving in fast forward, no?

Here's a little recap of the weekend. And yes I start my weekend Friday because that's what I do. Build a bridge and get over it.

Friday was a crazy day of teaching. Teaching creative movement then putzing around before my evening class. Sounds relaxing. Trust me, it isn't. Fridays are my days to get all of my work done, and then some. It's my no kids day, so that means I have to squeeze in a million tasks into about 8 hours. Usually I get done about 3 tasks. Turns out, my to do lists and expectations are always much larger than I can achieve. Oh well, reach for the stars right?

That brings us to Saturday.

Saturday was an extremely busy work day for me, because dance competition season is in full and I mean, FULL swing, so for about 12 hours on any given weekend my competitive alter ego comes out and unleashes itself on everyone around me (especially my 23 little dancers). Luckily everyone over looks it and works together to do well. Besides, if Abby Lee has taught me anything in life, it's that winning speaks volumes, so if you win crazy is tolerable. At the very least manageable.

But before my competition day could start, and my drive up north could take place, I had to stop for gas. Being the nerd I am, I had one of those "ugh get me out of here" moments. First I stopped at a pump and stood there for about 10 minutes, because the screen said configuring please wait. Since I am a law abiding, good citizen that follows directions, I did as I was asked  so I waited. and waited. and waited. Until finally someone yelled across the parking lot that "that pumps broken. Choose another"( I'm sure they meant to tack on the word idiot at the end, but just didn't get to it). So I moved up to the next pump. Small problem though, that giant, bright yellow cement pole jumped right next to my door only leaving a 6 inch space for me to get out. Like any rational human being I tested my skinniness, getting stuck hanging out of my car. After about 5 minutes of shimming my way back into the car, I moved up about a foot, got out and punched in my information, eager to get this gas pumping business underway, which would have happened immediately had I not moved too far away for the hose to reach my car. So it was back to the drawing board. Grumbling and annoyed, I moved my car backward. Got out and entered my information for the 2nd time and realized that I had moved too far back for the hose to reach. As I contemplated just driving off and running out of gas on the side of the road (hey anything was better than the humiliation of another possible gas pump fail). The two construction workers that were filling up on the other side of my debacle, asked me "if something was wrong with the gas pump" laughing. My response of  "If you mean the girl standing at it then yes" prompted fits of giggles from seeming everyone around me, as I moved forward (the perfect amount of space if I do say so myself), and filled up my tank in record time hightailing it out of there like a Danica Patrick trainee. Looking back now,  I'm sure the fast forwarded surveillance videos would look like me trying to re-create my own gas pump style Harlem Shake video. Back and forth, Back and forth. I mean was that bad.

But as days  tend to do, it went on, and before you knew it, Sunday popped in.

Our day was spent in true Irish fashion, tacky green clothes along with our usual Sunday staples, Sticky buns for breakfast,  church and Sunday lunch. Add on to that a long Sunday drive to Indiana (there's something so awesome about crossing state lines even if it is only 20 minutes away) and stopping by the local Ski resort to park and eat ice cream while watching the die hard tricksters attempt X-game quality stunts on half melted fake snow and taking bets on who would actually land them, while the littles watched Peter Pan on the van DVD player (missed ski jumps aren't their bag yet).  Exciting stuff I know.

And that brings us to Sunday Night, where we are watching The Bible and clinging to the last fee moments left in
our weekend. I'm not pumped it's over, but I'm recharged enough to make it through the week. Bring it on Monday.

Also we drew our LUCKY winner for the $25 Amazon Gift Card! Valerie R, you have the luck of the Irish on your side! Congratuations!

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