My fav-o-rite things; Freshly Picked Moccasins

I'm sure all of the mommies out there have noticed the new trend of colorful, soft leather moccasins on chubby- wubby baby feet. I mean seriously, is there anything cuter than a couple of dimply, chunky feet? I challenge  you to find me something cuter in life. I guarantee it won't happen. 

But adorably fat feet come with a price...it's  hard to find shoes that won't squeeze nor fall off. 

Enter Freshly Picked Moccasins (cue angels, bright lights and operatic voices).

Not only are they super  trendy (see on celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, and many other high fashion mommas) and adorable; they are perfectly practical and uniquely made to fit your little one's style and you're baby's wobbly tootsies. Hand made in Utah, these beautifully colored mocs come in every color and size (up to size 11) that a baby's wardrobe can handle, and that's a feat. My little guys have a more evolving style than even I do,  but have no fear...Freshly Picked rises to the occasion to create a versatile shoe than can be warn casually as well as dressy. Perfect for church and comfortable enough for a Sunday stroll through the park. Um do they make these in my size?

Oh and that leather! So soft and dreamy is that leather that fits around even the thickest little feet. Hand stitched around the edge, the sheer quality is what makes every Freshly Picked Pair of Mocs 100% unique from any other baby shoe. The soft sole is perfect for those unsure first steps, but hearty enough to handle the most seasoned of walkers. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort paired with the stylish fringe that goes all the way around. I know all the way, right? Encasing the perfectly sized elastic that will allow them to slip on comfortably, while staying secure, no matter how fast of a Speedy Gonzalez your little one may be. 

Unique. Fabulous. Adorable. I think I'm in love (shhhh don't tell the hubster).

Freshly Picked rocks my MOCS!

^^This is an un-sponsored post, just ramblings of how fabulous I think that they are.

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