Highschool. A bloggy walk down memory lane.

I was invited to join a mommy blogging event, by the beautiful and very talented Funny Postpartum Lady, and this Monday Mingle Linkup party's theme is high school. They provided the questions, and I will try my best to provide the answers, even though 2004 was soooooo long ago.

1. What is your favorite High School Memory?

It's hard to narrow down a favorite memory, because High School was such a great time in my life. Being involved in so many clubs and activities, going to basketball, dancing and cheering at football games and supporting my school were all amazing experiences. My group of friends would always have game nights (dance dance revolution anyone?) and we would spend a ton of time laughing, and enjoying everything that our high school had to offer. We can't forget the school dances, pretty dresses, and the awkward dancing/hand holding of first loves. I mean seriously, is there anything more uncomfortable than giving a hug while wearing a backpack, at your locker while avoiding eye contact with your next period teacher, who is on "PDA" watch? I think not. High school love is pricelessly awkward isn't it?

Junior Prom. Pink Please. 

2. If you could do anything over in high school what would it be?

There are always things in life you wish you could have a do-over button for, but as hard as it is to admit,  every single mistake I've ever made has brought me to the  place that I am today (cliche but true). And if given the chance I still wouldn't do anything over, but if I could go back and lecture my 16 year old self I would tell Jess to slow down and to enjoy the moment, because life will never ever be as easy and as carefree as it was back in high school ever again. Also I would tell myself to make the moments count with your large group of friends, because in 5 years only a few will remain. Life moves on for everyone, and it's hard to keep in touch. That's the sad reality of growing up.

3. Did you have a High School Sweetheart? Do you still keep in touch?

I did have a high school sweetheart. For the majority of high school and for two years in college I dated the same guy. It was great having a surefire date to every school dance and we were in the same circle of friends, so it was easy to be able to hang out in our group of guys and girls. Life took us in completely different directions, and we broke up in college and lost touch. He was a good guy, and he ended up marrying a great girl from our high school. And me, well you know that I ended up finding my prince Charming not long after and having two beautiful boys. It all worked out just the way it was supposed to in the end, and for that I'm thankful.

3. Have you attended a high school reunion yet? What do you think it will be like? 

I have not attended a high school reunion yet ( our 10 year is next year), but I assume it will be a great time to catch up with old friends and to "re live the glory days" with the hidden expectation to see how we match up to our old peers...come on, isn't that why everyone goes? To see how pretty/successful/happy (okay skinny...admit it) everyone has grown up to be? One big excuse to show off  your accomplishments? I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I mean come on, I may not have a ton of worldly riches, but you can be darn sure that I'll be showing off my two best accomplishments to date. Sorry, I'm nothing but a proud mama. And I own it.

4) Do you think that you were popular in high school?

I wouldn't consider myself to be "popular" in high school. Beauty queen, Prom queen, I was not, but I would say that I was involved. As a member of the dance team, cheerleader, secretary of student council, and kind of a class clown, I was outgoing and I enjoyed hanging out with many different people. High school was a great time to venture out of my comfort zone and to put myself out there and just be me. Luckily I was blessed by everyone that I came into contact with (nice and not so nice) because they gave me the confidence and the strength to be myself and to let my freak flag fly. High school prepared me for real life relationships and gave me the courage to stand up for what I believe in. So for that BHS...I thank you.
School Spirit is where it's at. Dark hair however,  is not (at least on me). 

5) Do you think that if you went back now it would be the same or different?

 A few things happened in College that severed my relationships with some really great people , so no, I don't believe that things would be the same with some people (again, not really regrets just really tough lessons) so needless to say stepping back into time with those people would be sufficiently awkward. However, for the majority of the people I graduated with, I guarantee it would be almost exactly the same...minus all of the little kids running around like knuckleheads. Oh and the mom haircuts and the minivans. You get the picture.

All in all I had an awesome High School experience, with great people and great memories. High school for me was a time of many different firsts and a time of great lessons about life. I only hope that my boys one day will be able to look back at their past with the same fondness that I have for my high school days. 

Bottom line... High school can be tough, but at the end of the day it should be fun. 

And boy oh boy fun it was, however can you really expect anything less from a school who's mascot is a Battling Beaver? 

I think not. 
Fact. 2004 was the year of the three barrel curling iron, chunky highlights and the lean in pose. Check your yearbook if you don't believe me. 

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