Happy Birthday Pops.

Today is one of those days that the weather matches my emotions. I woke up to a gloomy, yucky  March 11, with a heavy heart and tear stained eyes. 

Today would have been my dad's 67th birthday. 

Days like today remind me how hard getting older really is. 

Days like today make me wish that I had a time machine to take a visit, or at least be able to pop right in and say hello. 

But I can't. And honestly this pity party that I'm throwing isn't for dad...it's for me. I know that he's in heaven living it up on the other side of this rainstorm, holding hands with other loved ones and being held under the wings of angels. Watching the rainbow that's sure to come. 

His birthday is way better than a Kroger cake and a Marion's pizza dinner. His birthday is being spent with our Savior. 

That Lucky Duck. 

I still can't help to wonder what he would think of my boys, of my home, of what I've become in life. I still wish he were here for Christmas', birthdays, Easter egg hunts and every day moments that I would love to share with him. 

21 years to spend with someone just isn't enough. Cancer sucks, It stole my best friend, my voice of reason... my daddy. If I could, I would punch Cancer square in the kisser. With no remorse. I hate it that much. Much like a tornado, it whirled into our life leaving nothing but sadness and destruction in it's path. But in all my anger, I have to thank cancer. Cancer gave my dad everlasting life, it took him to Christ ultimately and for that I am so grateful. Because I know that one day, I'll see my dad again, and he will get to meet my boys. 

Someday we'll celebrate together once again. 

Happy birthday Lare. We love and miss you to the moon and back. 

In the words of Frenchy "The only boy a girl can really trust is her daddy".

That woman was a genius I tell you. Pure Genius.

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  1. I lost someone I know too because of that sucky disease. It's hard. Sigh! But still, happy birthday to your dad. he's in good place now. They're in good place. Free from that illness.