Not to be confused with the amazing 90's boyband 5ive, even though I can personally guarantee that I'll be singing "Baby when the lights go out" during the duration of the creation of this post.

Anywho...I see that everyone has taken the 5 things to the ole' internets now, so I'm going to do one about myself after much coercing and deliberating (but no filibustering).

here are 5 bizarre-o facts you may or may not know about me.

1. You may know that my husband and I met in college. What you may not know is that we met about 3 years before we even had our first date. The hubster was a 4th year on the Wright State Cheer squad (gooooooooo Raiders) when I was a freshman on the dance team. We met on the bus ride to camp in Myrtle Beach and hilarity ensued. 12 hours on a bus will do that to you I guess. At the time,   I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend, so romantical we were not, but we became pretty fast friends.   I think that's one of the main  reasons that we worked out in the end...we were friends first. Btw we never ever got a picture together when we were both a part of the Spirit Unit, and by the time we actually did date, hubs wouldn't go back and "pretend" for me. I guess even love has it's limits.I'm still  bummed out to the max, but you can bet your underpants that every summer we show off my hubsters insane cheer man strength in the pool because I am a big fat chicken and I'm deathly afraid to do cheer stunts out of water.

2. My favorite food in the entire world is Mustard. I'll put it on anything, pizza, pretzels, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese... almost anything. I'll pass up on a candy bar everyday, if that means I can have something dipped in mustard. Oh,  and I almost always talk about mustard in my mad hatter voice Mooooouuuuustard? Who ever said anything about Moooouuuuustard? I'd like to thank my senior varsity cheer squad for embedding that into my brain. Don't worry, ya'll are still very relevant in my everyday vernacular,

3. My husband was a teacher. Not my teacher exactly, but he was student teaching my senior year at my high school. Luckily, I was not in his student teaching class, and  I didn't even  know this until we were dating for awhile. Don't get all creeped out, it's not like the Mary Kay Letourneau type of love or anything. He's only 3 years older than me...but in high school three years is the difference between a senior and a student teacher (or a freshman and a senior). It's just another way that our paths came so very very close to crossing, but they didn't.  Man, that Lord works in mysterious ways.

4. I'm obsessed with dental hygiene. I floss multiple times a day and brush even more. I whiten and listerine and about a million other things with my teeth. I think it all comes from having surgeries and  braces, not to mention the constant reminder from my parents how expensive my smile is. I also think it came from having jacked up teeth for half of my life. Let me tell you, I am thankful for those braces. Socially I would be nowhere near where I am today without them. I have Chiclet teeth in a tiny mouth, so they were Bucked in a crooked mess. Buck teeth embedded in a crooked mess would probably not be married. Buck teeth in a crooked mess would have been hanging out alone  with her 14 dogs and her "great personality". I thank my orthodontist and my lucky stars that my parents payed that small fortune for my grin. I even have nightmares about my teeth falling out about once a week. I honestly believe that these are so I'll remain thankful for my chompers. And so that I'll continue to take good care of them.

5. I'm a jack of all trades. Seriously. I teach dance, blog and still do the occasional head of hair. I also enjoy doing yoga and reading about fashion. I've been a preschool teacher (for about 7 years) a nurse aide, and a hair stylist. I've worked retail and service. But all of these things, have taken me to this job. This stay at home mom gig is all of that wrapped up tight with a huge bow. I truly believe that everything I've ever done or taken interest in, has prepared me for being a full time mommy and wife. The hospital job trained me to be calm and to not freak out unless someone is really and I mean,  really bleeding (or dying), the hair job trained me to be able to handle demands (even though demands of a toddler can be way more demanding) and of course, saves me a ton of moolah in the hair cutting department. The dance job has taught me how to communicate my expectations in kids terms and also to explain direction more clearly, and that preschool job. Oh that preschool job. Teaching preschool really put hair on my chest. It taught me not to sweat the small stuff (again as long as no one is bleeding or dying), and to enjoy every moment with your littles, because littles grow up wayyyy to fast. Looking back on it, I was doomed from the start. Doomed to be a stay at home mommy and a wife...which is  not a bad lot in life to inherit, if I do say so myself. I'm happy with the path my life has taken.

Whew! I'm really out of breath (oops that's 6 facts)...and those are just a few random nuggets of information about what makes this chicky tick! Thank goodness they only asked for 5...this could have been an all day affair.

But I'd love to hear your 5 things... so linky up buttercup!


ps- don't you just want to squeeze these adorable winter marshmellows?

obvious fact #7- I have the CUTEST boys ever. Ever. EVER. 

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