Name that tune, erm Lyric.

I have been blessed with many gifts in my life.

Deciphering song lyrics is not one of them.

I mean, I love music. Music is my go to escape, because a really good song just speaks to my heart and makes me feel the exact sentiment as the artist. Music is totally the soundtrack to my life... You know?

I'm sure that this love comes from them many generations of musicians that I come from. And although I don't exactly play anything myself (although I'm working on it) I've spent most of my life losing myself in the rhythm and movement of a song while dancing.

To risk getting all "Music of the heart" on you (even though I would still die if Nsync showed up with or without Gloria Estfan) I  love music.

And even though I can barely carry a tune (that barely comes from the 3 years that I stood short soprano in the  Fairbrook Elementary Choir ) I still tend to sing songs at obnoxiously loud levels in front of any willing listeners. Which would be great if I were A. a good singer and B. if I could actually get song lyrics right.

I'm not sure if it's my hearing or just my general state of not really paying attention, but I have a list. a list of mistaken lyrics that over the years I have thought were correct only to find out later that I was sadly mistaken.

Here are a few of my idiotic song versions that I could have sworn were correct.

Bon Jovi "You give love a Bad Name" I thought the lyrics were "You give love a Band-Aid". This  happened when I was little and in my defense, at the time, everything and I mean everything could be fixed with a Band Aid.

Destiny's Child "Say my Name" I thought that the song was called "Lemonade, Lemonade". This one I completely blame on AOL instant messenger  The first time I heard it, I was pre-occupied with an AIM group chat with my 8th grade best friends arguing over who would marry Justin Timberlake. Clearly there were much more important things to be thinking about than actually listening to the music. Side note, obviously I did not win that argument, even though JT married a Jessica, it wasn't me. Just to set the record straight.

Mary Wells "My guy" this one is a little gross, but the actual lyric is "My opinion is he's the cream of the crop" and I thought it was "My opinion is he's the cream of the crotch". I don't actually remember this, but it happened during my potty training years which explains the mix up pretty well. Needless to say my mom was super embarrassed hearing her little princess sing about such nonsense.

Most recently I've been singing (well yelling) the Caillou theme song incorrectly. The actual lyric "I'm just a kid who's four" had been Jess-afide to "I'm just a kid who's poor" which in my mind was a great lyric, I was all like "yay Cailliou way to be self aware but still happy" and in explaining this theory to my husband, I was laughed at and corrected. Oops. Turns out Cailliou is more financially secure than I had once thought. Probably better off anyway that PBS didn't bring socio-economic status into the equation after all.

These are just a taste of my mistaken lyric syndrome, and trust me there's more, but I'll have to save them for another day. Really there aren't enough hours in the day for me to list my stupidity in list form. Another day. Another day.

Moral of the story is  that songs should beware because you never know which tune will be the victim of my butchering of lyrics.

Until then fire up your AIM and  enjoy some "Lemonade, Lemonade"


  1. I love it! I relate in a way. I know all the words to every song in the last 3 decades but can't sing... or can not sing well. I feel the need to sing them all though. My poor husband ;)
    Carrie @ Just Mildly Medicated

  2. Yup! I thought that "Apple bottom Jeans" said "Apple pie, cheese"... what?! That doesn't even make sense haha :) and then I have no clue what the song was, but one that said "I've got a first aid kit for ya" and I thought it said "I've got a a first grade kid for ya"... ummmm no? HA :)