Happy Beyonce Day.

Oh and I think some macho footballers are going to play a pretty big game too.

Personally I'm into it for the commercials and the tiny possibility that Destiny's Child will re-unite and sing Bug a Boo. Not very likely, but a girl can dream. I'm also hoping that they back off the Beyonce train for a hot second and give Kelly and that other girl the camera time they deserve, despite the fact that the other girl's singing voice sounds like Harriet Winslow. I'm hoping for a full on montage, starting with Say my name (or Lemonade, Lemonade as I thought the words were back in 8th grade) all the way to Put a ring on it. Hopefully they skip the annoying songs and rock the same choreography that they did back in the 2000s.

Here in our house however, we are officially on round 3000 of germs. Runny noses, Coughing and the occasional puke are ringing in our February. Ugh. I'm so ready for summer! Come ON SUMMER, and BREAK our sick every two weeks cycle. GERMS I DEMAND YOU TO RELEASE YOUR HOLD. Ah thank you.

So as our day consists of Vicks vapor rub, rest and the possibility of being healthy enough to hit our friends annual party. I plan to eat my body weight in Doritos and pound back a few Throwback Pepsis... not to mention shake my rear off to the tune of Beyonce (literally I will have to shake my bum Beyonce hard to burn off all of  those Doritos and Pepsis).

It's gonna be a SUPER super bowl. I can feel it.

Might as well go and put a ring on it.

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