A post brought to you by NyQuil.

I've never been a fan of the hard stuff, so to me hitting the ole NyQuil bottle is what I have to compare a good buzz to. It feels so wrong.

Yet fever+ strep throat +two crazy kids+work and a busy weekend beginning tomorrow=no time for the weary.

So I'm blogging from the oober brilliance of my 1950s pink bathroom. All hopped up on NyQuil and sweating to death in a Pinterest inspired detox bath.

Do with that sweaty and peeked image what you will. It's hardly the bathtub images you see on those eyebrow raising "enhancement" commercials, I'll tell you that much. I probably look closer to the horror film, pale freaks, who are casted solely to emerge from the water and make you fling your popcorn across the movie theatre.

I can honestly say that those metaphors were created by delierium and NyQuil only. (Hey, maybe this stuff isn't half bad ).

NyQuil if you see this, I'm always open for sponsorships, and if you couldn't tell ,I totally wear the pathetic shameless look super well...

Anywho as I'm here in the tub sweating away my sickies this is my beautiful view.One retro filtered retro pink bathroom snapshot comin' right up. Complete with un-manicured toes and a bathroom only fitting for DIY network before picture. Lifestyles of the Midwestern middle class mom. Run and tell that Robin Leach.

Happy Thursday and Friday  and try to bask in your healthiness. Do it just baskkkkk...

Oh and as  shameless plugs often reiterate  , when in doubt NyQuil it out. (CoughSPONSORSHIPCoughCough)

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