Who has two thumbs and is a germ freak at the museum?

This girl. Although the museum was hardly crowded, I was in super germ prevention mode. This year hasn't started out with the strongest immune systems, so naturally I was a bit on the germaphobic side when it came to a hands on museum experience. Luckily, equipped with my travel hand sanitizer  we refreshed after every exhibit because hey, you never can be too careful. The museum had a ton of different exhibits, but the kids town was a popular favorite. 

There's just something about pretending to be grown up, you know? Even though I dread going to the post office in real life, I had a ball playing with the mail, and delivering it to the different destinations. Everything is just so cute kid sized. Real life sized...not so much. 

My favorite part of the day was watching Theo play with some of the other kids at the Kroger supermarket. He went up and down the aisle filing his cart like he was on supermarket sweep...you know the ole' arm sweep across the shelf to get everything in the cart. Then Theo proceeded to unload every single item onto the checkout cart for the little guy who was pretending to work the register. After emptying the cart, the stack of food was taller than both boys, and after the last item, I heard my little Theo tell the boy "Now it's time for you to put it back into my cart". Oh Theo, you shop like your Mama. 

I also laughed hysterically at the irony of Elliot "drinking" the milk. It's the little things in life, right? 

The museum also had a totally great infant play area. Elly loved hanging on the faux ballet bars and  looking at himself in the mirror. That's my boy. Excuse the dutch boy haircut that I'm sporting. Growing out short hair is tedious. But I'll save that for another post. 

Oh and the giant spider web? Surely it was placed there so that the museum staff could hear my rousing rendition of No Doubt Spiderwebs opera style. Oh I went there. You're welcome Cincinnati. 

And this water pay area? Totally had me giddy like a 4 year old. Although my "can't get dirty ever" son was apprehensive (even with the smock...eye roll). I did my best by making him feel comfortable by splish splashing around myself. It all went awesome until I tripped on a pulley lever and dumped a bucket of water down my pants, receiving a round of applause from a few dads that were supervising their kids. Thank you Thank you.  I'll be here all day. 

All in all, it was a pretty stellar day. I seriously cannot wait to go back. In fact, I had to resort to bribery to even get the guys to leave. Isn't it awesome that we have such a fun and educational experience right at our germy little fingertips?

Two thumbs up Museum. You're a winner in this family.

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