What we did this weekend and my list of intentions...

This weekend we...

^^had a dance competition free weekend, so we were able to lead a "normal" life (i.e. no mommy exhaustion or grumpiness from lack of sleep).

^^painted. oh how we painted. Elliot got to take his first finger dip into the paint. The verdict? He loved it. While big brother Theo was still very concerned about getting dirty.

^^Speaking of painting... The hubs did me a HUGE and final painting favor in painting the dining room. Now it matches the rest of the house and my heart feels at ease. Trust me. this is the LAST time. It looks spectacular, even though our dining room table looks like an episode of hoarders.

^^Got a new/old stove! When my in-laws upgraded to a gas kitchen, they generously gave us their beautiful stainless steel stove. We had it installed this weekend and it looks to die for. The only downfall is that the new update really showcases our 1970's laminate counter and cabinets and makes them look 10 times worse. Baby steps. Plus it has a ton of under storage (something that our other stove lacked) that Elliot loves to open and close. It's Adorbs.

^^After Church on Sunday, we got to take papa to the museum for the first time! Needless to say, he had a great time minus getting over the germaphobia in him. What can I say? We are cut from the same cloth. Sunday Funday! Holla! It was so great...Mommy actually was able to put on makeup! Welcome back mommy.

It was a stellar weekend. Despite the freezing cold temperatures. 

But boo. It's now Monday, which begins a new week of projects that I intend to finish, but probably won't .I hope that by posting them on the world wide web, holds me accountable for finishing them. Don't hold your breath.

My list of intentions are;

^to finish re-decorating our not so new white rug and to put it in the boys' room to replace their ugly rug now. That was a Pinterest idea. Try to hide your dismay.
^Re-upholster the free Ikea bucket chairs that the Hubs scored at work. I already did the cushions, but like just every other project,  I lost interest and didn't finish the rest. Shocker. 
^sew Elliot a few pairs of these adorable 5 minute leggings
^sew and decorate some new pillows for our toy room couch. 

Oh and renew my Cosmetology license. Totally not for the home or even interesting, but still something very important that I need to do.

The best part? I have all of the materials to accomplish these projects! The kicker is just making myself do them instead of parking it in front of the new Vanderpump rules episode tonight. Oh who am I kidding, I know I'll be front and center in front Bravo tonight. It's like my new grown up Laguna Beach. Plus, I aspire my hair to look like Stassi Schroeder (not my personality however).

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