Two kids + a Sharpie+ plain mugs= ???

 I can never just allow my life to be simple. Oh hecks no, I have to go and throw in a craft or two (instead of doing housework) to maintain my sanity. Ironically enough however, crafting with two kids is the best way to lose your sanity. Put that in your song Alanis Morissette.

So of course, like every other red blooded American housewife, this little addiction called Pinterest has created a crafting monster. Darn you Crafts board, your endless heckling and coercing has finally forced me to do something with my boring white mugs and my oil based sharpie. And no, I did not let the kids do this one. They were strictly banned to the gallery to watch.

Here's the kicker, I always ALWAYS forget to snap a before picture, it's like  the excitement just carries me away, but if you put on your imagination goggles, I'm sure you can envision my plain white mugs...ahh there you go.

Now to satiate my appetite for arrows and triangle prints, that was my go to idea for this project. Hindsight, I could have used a ruler, but I think that the imperfections make them more my style.

Here's the finished product, with a dab of the boho curtains in the background.

I think I'm in dire need of arrow rehab. I'm truly obsessed.

Any crafts tickle your fancy lately?

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