One and done.

These frigid temperatures are forcing me to be productive inside, (grr) and to get on the stick to finally recap my weekend. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but I feel like the cold weather has warranted my slow movements. I feel like my extremities are stuck in the typing position forever...therefore this may be a super babbly post. My apologies. Moving on.

Saturday was another dance filled fiasco (heavy on the dance, extra heavy on the fiasco), and I braved it sans IPhone (as shared in this post).  I'm a survivor. Trust me. if I had the camo two piece getup, I would totally be rocking the Destiny's Child choreography. Side note... If asked I could also perform the entire Darrin's dance grooves DVD as well...man oh man were the 2000's good to me with dance moves . I mean does it get any better than "ain't no lie...bye bye bye"? I highly doubt it. 

Anyway, after a looooooong day of dance and drama, I was ready to soak my feet and have a glass of wine right? In my dreams, because Sunday was Elliot's first birthday. And even though my Hubster took the reins on the whole planning for our very small gathering (grandmas and grandpas), I still felt like I had to do so much. I always have severe entertaining anxiety. So naturally I was overcome with a whirlwind of things to accomplish. Which happened to be a good thing, because it kept me from my "oh my baby is not a baby anymore" breakdown. Don't you fret...that came later. 

We had a super low key birthday for Elliot, because of the fact that his birthday is so close to Christmas (ugh I know right?) and also because since his and Theo's birthdays are so close, we've decided to have a half birthday situation in the summer for both of them outside with a of their friends. Because let's face it, winter birthdays are not that fun. 

So here are some pictures of Elly Belly in all of his glory. Pops and I made the mistake of starting the party right smack dab during his usual naptime. Oopsie. However, once he got the gist of everything, he perked right up. 

And of course, the coveted cupcake shot. Yes folks, they are in the shape of E 1. Rock it hubs. 

Oh and how cute is his onesie? That was actually a prize that I won in a giveaway, but you can pick them up right here at Swanky Shank. They are totally worth it and they wash really well. 

I know. My baby is not a baby anymore. Cue the waterworks.  Seriously I saw a breastfeeding article today and burst into tears. They grow up too fast. Even though it's sad that I don't have anymore "baby" moments, I get to experience all of the big boy moments. 

And for that, I am grateful.

Happy Birthday Elliot Gerald. One is your year baby boy!

*This was a completely un-sponsored post, I just wanted to share the love of my Swanky Shank onesie with all of you!

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