Oh this city.

This city where I live is a diamond in the rough.

I'm just a girl from the 'burbs, and sometimes I tend to forget that within a very short drive is a bustling metropolis full of business men and women making big deals and moving quickly.

Today I took the boys down the hill to finally get to use one of our Christmas gifts from Grandma and Grandpa...season passes to all of the Museums. And free parking. Totally too generous. Gifts like that make me feel like a bona-fide grownup. Not to mention the excuse to dress my boys in smart looking sweaters because there is nothing cuter than little boys in professor attire. Sweaters with elbow pads just make me melt. And swoon. And make annoying mommy voices.

As we spent the afternoon basking in the educational play at the museum.  Tummies began to growl, and instead of mama-bearing my kids into staying because we need to get our money's worth I was able to be the opposite of my overly intense self and justify leaving earlier than planned because hey we can come back whenever we want. It is literally the closest I'll ever be to owning my own museum and we had such a great time, I cannot wait to go back.

However, looking as dapper and as downtown as we did, I realized that it would be a disservice to the city for us to just go home, so we took a walk through the city streets to visit papa on the 10th floor of his very tall office building. Nothing was more entertaining to an almost one and three year old, than the back and forth and multiple elevator rides because mommy couldn't quite remember exactly how to get to the company office. About 45 minutes and 3 elevator rides later, with  the horrible revelation that I had forgotten the packed lunch on the counter at home (why must I realize these things when we are already in daddy's office far far away from any food source other than a vending machine) we arrived to find a very business-y looking papa in his new office clicking away working on official insurance business. Hands off ladies, he's mine.

All in all a great day full of great memories and not so healthy lunches. But hey, kids love stuff like that. I'm sure the only thing Theo will remember is the Cheetos lunch and seeing his dad save the world one insurance policy at a time. I'm so blessed that these boys look up to their papa like he's a super hero. And I'm even more blessed that I am able to experience all of these things by being a stay at home mom.

But darn this city... try as I might I can't help but start to fall in love with the hustle and bustle.

Cinci, I think I may be beginning to adore you.

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