My husband cupcakes. Does yours?

My hubster has a ton of great qualities. One of his best, however is that he makes a pretty mean cupcake.

When Theo was initially diagnosed with egg and milk allergies we thought we were banished from baked goods forever. Until we searched the power of cyberspace to find an egg and milk free cupcake recipe and on Theo's first birthday I attempted the recipe. And attempted. And attempted. I got so PO'd that the hubster sent me to take a bubble bath while he assessed the damage. And when I got out of the tub all refreshed and rejuvenated (aren't bubble baths the best?) I came out to a perfectly moist and delicious batch of cupcakes. Made by my husband. How annoying. But my annoyance quickly turned into obsession. These cupcakes became my family's favorite treat.

Flash forward two years. Elliot is born and diagnosed with a milk allergy (boo).  We are now living in Cincinnati, and ironically enough the previous owners of our house owned a prominant bakery in town. Something about this house just screams bake! Seriously, this house oozes baking creativity and subconsciously I think that it was one of the major selling points to us. Our house burst new life into hubs' cupcakes and he began tweaking the recipe to make it his own. Every batch is better than the last. Sometimes the hubster uses his tomfoolery for good, and for that I appreciate him much more. Now he has created the perfect recipe of his cupcakes. Hubs' cupcakes are the Burger King to the original  McDonald's recipe. You know, similar but better. Who am I kidding, that analogy sucks, everyone knows McDonald's is better (plus they have a way less creepy mascot) but I'm sure you catch my drift.

Who would've thought, that trapped under our red blooded AhMEREican exterior that two artsy vegans were just dying to get out? Not this girl .Regardless these cupcakes make me weak in the knees. Totally all willy nilly. In a good way. I mean just look at them.

Try to keep yourself from licking the computer. Just try.  I have eaten 4 since beginning this post. No lie. They make me giddy. Maybe it's the sugar. All I know is that they taste like happiness. And perhaps diabetes, but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it. And let me tell you 4 cupcakes probably have me teetering on the cusp of a sugar coma. Willpower you have deserted me again. 

In true Random Blog Drama fashion, I can't bear to finish a post without a devastatingly adorable photo of one of the cutest chefs in our house. It would be a disservice to every human being on planet earth to keep this only for myself. And I'm not anything if not a human rights activist. Saving the world one cute photo at a time. 

I now officially declare Tuesday, National Cupcake Awareness day (imagine me slamming a gavel) Do your part and cupcake for your country. 

Ugh I'm such a nincompoop for sweets. 

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