Let it go 2012. Let. It. Go.

Well here we are, 2013.

and boy, 2012 is still hanging on for dear life in our house.  See back in 2012 (ok 5 days ago), we all caught this gross coughy, hacky, snotty, germy mess, and instead of just letting the death grip go on our family, it's still trying to stay relevant. Back off 2012. We're ready to move on. Let it go germies. Let. It. Go. 

Luckily, my fix it for anything... Vicks  is humidifying the air, assisting with our tissues, and of course, rubbed on  feet and chests like clockwork every 4 hours. We are officially the most medicinal smelling family in the great state of Ohi-a (accent noted).  We should really be looking into stock options soon.

This post has been on my mind for a few days, not only as a platform to publicly declare my obsession for menthol smelling miracle rub, but to do the dreaded resolution song and dance.

Cue intense pressure.

dun dun dunnn New Year= New Focus.

Notice the terminology. This year I'm no longer using the term resolution, I want to declare a new focus. Resolutions are always  the same. They start out strong, only to fizzle out by February, leaving a trail of only  regret and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. Never, am I  ever able to keep my resolutions, but it's okay, because resolutions have that stigma....no one ever does. Resolutions are made to be broken. They are created with an expiration date,and are  a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode just in time to remind you how crappy you are at keeping promises to yourself. Resolutions are too negative. Plus they are so 1999. Let's move into the future, shall we? But still party like it's 1999 of course.

That's why this year, I'm creating a new focus, a new idea that I will keep in the back of my mind, but not put the unrealistic expectation to follow 24/7. I want 2013 to be the year where I can make healthy changes to better my life and the lives of those around me. I want to focus on the today and the beauty that it holds.

My focus for 2013 is to really experience God's plan for me and to inhale all of its beauty (even if it is perceived in my eyes as ugly, because 9 times out of 10 it ends in greatness) that I am blessed to experience in my life. I aspire to focus more on the blessings that my boys and my husband and I have already been given. To strengthen my relationships with them with love and care. To be Thankful for every moment I have been blessed with. I want to see my world with rosy beautiful eyes. More than that,  I want to feel the beauty in my heart, even in moments of trouble.

I also want to focus on remembering every detail. I began this blog to document all of my mommy adventures, and I plan to continue to  do so. This blog has become so cathartic for me, my computer screen has become a non-judgmental ear to listen to my idiotic stories and my deepest of thoughts. We've become old buddies, and I appreciate the fact that she doesn't tell me to calm down. She let's me move at my own A.D.D. fueled pace. She rocks, and I plan to keep her relevant.  This blog is my 2013 version of Dear Diary. With the exception that every entry doesn't include my love for Taylor Hanson and Lisa Frank Stickers. And that I've had more than 2 entries (see, I told you I was never good at following through with things).

So as I begin 2013 with a new focus and a new outlook, I hope you'll join me and share your new focuses as well.

Welcome to the first meeting of Focus Support 2013...Together we can give 2013 a kick in the pants and show ourselves that we truly can focus on what's important (even if you suffer from horrible A.D.D, like yours truly)


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