It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

If you're anything like me, you probably sang that title in a very Mister Rodgers-esque fashion, just like I do whenever Daniel Tiger comes on. Seriously, PBS? we couldn't be creative enough to think of another theme song? That's okay when I start singing, Theo kinda looks at me like I'm a child program theme song singing genius of some sort, plus Daniel Tiger and I have about the same vocal range. So it ends up working in my favor anyway.

Here in Ohio, the most weather confused state in the union, we are experiencing 61 degree weather. Which in Ohio means slip on your bathing suit, we're turning on the hose...

But you know what's great about warm weather (besides running through the sprinkler like an overgrown idiot)? 

It makes you feel great. 

It's weird. It's almost like the air smells different and you immediately awaken to a happier mindset.
For me it's a total motivator. 

Today has been the most productive day as a mom and as a housewife in quite awhile. 

Floors are mopped. Games are played. Dishes done, I got to try two (very successful) vegan recipes for my allergy children,  Theo's potty training is going really well, Elliot is feeling better, dinner is in the crock pot, there's a pots and pans marching band playing happily in the kitchen and I still have enough sanity left to write a blog post. So far it's a day for the record books. 

All day I've been praising the Lord. Thanks for this beautiful day Lord. 

We awoke and in our quiet morning voices and sang "this is the day that the Lord has made" about 30 times. 

While "free-styling" our morning prayer we thanked Him again for the birds chirping on this sunny morning. 

After every successful Potty we high five and Praise Him! Hooray for helping Theo be such a big boy! 

Because on beautiful days it's easy to thank our Father.

I know that I've written about this before, but it's still a struggle for me. It's so hard to praise Him with the same energy and gusto on an awful day, just as I do on a great day. 

Even worse, do I subconsciously blame Him when things don't go as swimmingly? 

I wish that I could answer with a clear No. But I can't. 

I know as a human we are all flawed, but I just want to have the same Thankfulness when urine is dripping down the couch, my floor is coated in Cheerios, and it's freezing ta-tas in my house. I want my heart to show love and thankfulness even when my emotions get all Dra-Moody(Dramatic + Moody). 

Basically I aspire to be Him. 

And even though I know that I'll never ever ever get remotely close, 

I'm going to try my best,  just to try my best. 

I think I'll call it my A for effort mentality. 


  1. I had one of those days you are talking about (the blame God days) yesterday. This is such a good reminder that better days are to come...right? ;)

    Also, Daniel Tiger, he is a saint and a devil in our house all at once. A powerful tiger, that one.

    1. I know right? He rolls up in that trolley all like he owns the place.