To a kid, there is nothing more grand than playing in a completely clean room and having the freedom to trash it to the moon and back.

That is the wonderful fun that my children are experiencing at this very moment.

I know. I'm a cool mom to even allow this tomfoolery to commence. Round of applause and I shall bow.

No clean room is as amazing as seeing your kids have a great time. At least that's my opinion right now. Ask me again later when it's time to clean up, and my story might change.Perhaps.

But in their defense, they are hard at work. Theo is coloring a "decoration" (as he calls it) for Papa to put in his big city office.

And Elliot. Oh that Elliot. He saw that the rug needed a trim and even without being asked began to mow. What did I do right in my life to deserve such servitude?

In all honesty seeing these boys enjoy life and have fun is totally worth the gaggles and gaggles of toys that they come with. And the mess that mommy gets to clean up every five minutes.
I'd do anything to see those guys smile. Nothing proves that like stepping on a lego and restraining your anger (and profanities) as you are writhing in pain. That's true love. That's the love of a parent.
OH! And speaking of toys and completely unnecessary oddities...I won a moose! I've always wanted a large ceramic animal, but I could never justify a purchase (ceramic animals are not really at the top of the necessity list).
His name is Horace and he lives above our completely out of place, grandiose, fireplace. Nothing adds class to a beautifully ornate marble fireplace than a giant  white moose. I know, we're now officially "that artsy family with a moose" that no one understands. Total wannabe hipsters. Sigh. Oh well, at least we have a sweet (and did I mention FREE) moose to show for it!
Happy Wednesday Blog world.

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