Holy cuteness

Hello. I'm Dr. Elliot...would you mind if I take a look?

Holy Cuteness. I mean, is it possible to be removed or even fined from Instagram for being too cute for words? Just in case, after this picture I'm mentally preparing myself to receive a letter in the mail warning me of my cuteness overload. I'm sure something like that was outlined in the new terms and conditions.  Notice the uncertainty  in that sentence...no one actually reads those. Do they?

Oh sheesh...for all I know, by downloading Instagram I may have sold my soul for trendy retro photo filters that seem to only make food and duck faces look good.  Plus,  I've reverted back to my 12 year old squealy teeneage-wannabe self, after discovering that you could gasp follow celebrities and friends which makes it appear that celebrities are your friends. cue the music... And Jessica is LAME-O 

Regardless,  I'm super glad that I have the technology at my fingertips to snap adorable pictures like this one of Elly Belly checking Dada's throat. That way when he's 15 and too cool for us I'll break this one out like aha I have proof that you used to think we were cool. Ooh! And what if he chooses to be a doctor, wouldn't this a perfect picture for a med school graduation cake (buttercream flavor of course) . See? The possibilities are endless. Thanks Instagram! Two thumbs up!

All I know is that I'm blessed to have this cuteness around me all the time. I mean,  doesn't this picture totally make you forget that you were even sick in the first place?
say AHHHHH Papa!

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