Hey bro. Check out the fish.

Ahh double trouble cute-ness.

Just when you thought I was totally done gushing over my children for the week, I slip in one more adorable photo of the cutest boys on this side of the Mississippi.

I mean, is there anything cuter than brotherly love?

Not to mention the thought of these two getting through life together...the good times and the  bad, had me blubbering like a cotton headed ninny muggins. Seriously, there's nothing better than family in this life, no?

So as I talk my face off and totally ruin the mood for you here is a bright spot in this crazy, cruel world we live in.

Don't you totally imagine them hanging out at the beach in 20 years surfing all like hey bro check out the fish...totes reminds me of bass pro shop that one time...
Definitely a possibility, I mean look at that hair. It literally screams surfer stud. Although the lack of melanin in the skin may be a problem. Oh well, that's what sunscreen and wet suits are for.
Have a gnarly weekend fools.

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  1. Hi! Found you via mommy blogs!
    Love your vibe! Your boys are adorable!
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