A completely narcissistic post about hair.

I know. One of my biggest character flaws is my almost constant case of the "wants".

I wanted oober-long hair, so this time last year, my hair was as long as it had been in my life. Of course, I was post-pregnancy bod and completely irrational, so I began having short hair tunnel vision.

Seriously. When you have long hair, all you ever see is happy, smiling short haired happy people thoroughly enjoying the mere task of not having to curl their hair everyday, and explain the almost constant shedding of post- pregnancy hair found in the oddest of places. Dark hard wood floors and blonde, long shedding hair are a practically lethal combination to a Swiffer once a day budget.

So to make a long story short. I went short. And then even shorter.  First shoulder length. And upon the first closing of the scissors I realized why I hated the in between length (funny, how I couldn't remember that before cutting my long locks) and immediately began to envision going even shorter. Yes my post baby hormonal crazy had officially set in, and the moment I was back at my fighting weight (before baby weight) I cut it off. And boy was it liberating.

I loved it. I really did. All through fall, I rocked the hipster pixie. I thought I was set forever.

But in the words of Maroon 5 and Kanye West , nothing lasts forever and sure enough, one sock bun Pinterest pin later, I was ready to grow. It's like I'm chasing something that I'll never catch... long flowing, ombre locks that look exactly like I had before this whole fiasco began.

And that brings us to today.

I forgot how slooooooooooooowww hair grows. This coming from a retired hair stylist.

I'm sure that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if this tunnel is as long as the flippin' Ohio river, I long to dream of a day where I have Lady Godiva-esque hair (minus the nude horseback riding...that sounds like a chafing mess to me) flowing in the wind.

So here I am rocking my bona-fide "mom" 'do, rolling up in the minivan like a hipster dutch boy.

Oh yea, I'm still Chasing the hair dream and of course I'll probably take a few wrong turns before I get there.

But you can be darn sure I'll be rocking it the entire way.

Ps- pardon the phone glare on my glasses...one of the downfalls of being a Magoo

This is where my hair growing process has taken me so far.

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