Whatever Happened to Predictability.

So lately I've been feeling a lot like Stephanie Tanner in the Motownphilly dance recital episode of Full house. You know...overwhelmed but too embarrassed to tell anyone for fear of letting them down. I'm a running man and two shoulder pads away from having a breakdown.

I blame Zales commercials  for setting the bar too high on the whole Christmas morning experience. That whisper voice always ensure that I will feel inadequate in "showing the ones I love how important they are". So we aren't quite on a cuff link budget...should it matter that Santa always brings my husband socks and underwear? Or does it matter that I make my gifts instead of dropping mad moolah on something that we can't afford right now? The latter is becoming my biggest problem, you see this time of year I tend to over- craft and under plan, which results in  many late nights and sometimes epic gift fails. Whatever happened to the thought being what counts? I mean seriously, what would happen if I handed my family a ball of yarn, letting them know that my intention was to knit or crochet something awesome... but I didn't do it.

I'm pretty sure it would make for the most awkward Christmas ever. I'm pretty sure I would receive a Stephanie Tanner response...HOW RUDE.

Not to sound all Linus-y on everyone, but I often have to take a step back and remember what Christmas is truly about. Celebrating the birth of the dude that saved us...not necessarily the junk you buy or make to make others feel loved. Christ's love is what matters, even though everything else in the world tells us it isn't. To risk going into song All we need is Love... Love is all we need. 

But if Full House has taught me anything about life, I know that these feelings will soon pass, and I'll eventually hear the soft piano music in the background as I make a life revelation that will change my perspective on everything that will settle my heart and put my mind at ease (even without the help of Danny Tanner). It may not happen in 30 minutes, but I'll get there.

But until that happens, I'll be here mad crafting to the tune of Justin Beiber's "Mistletoe", because I've already heard it 3 times this morning and I love it...so there's that.

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