The world according to Fee-OO

I thought I would share Theo's description of the holiday season to everyone, in his exact words as he was looking at our (busy) white board calendar last night.
"This is the Day that Santa is going to come"
"This is the day that will be Jesus' birthday"
"This is the bottom of the steps day"
I agree. The end of the Mayan Calendar (that my husband chose to acknowledge for laughs) illustration looks like steps (or a Mayan pyramid sacrificial temple thingy). From now on the so called "day of doom" will forever be "the bottom of the steps day". At least in our house. So while you anxiously await whatever your fear may be on this day, I hope that little Theo's description give you a giggle. It sure did for us.
PS. Doesn't my husband have mad calender drawing  skills?

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  1. Love it, I think Theo is right the bottom of the steps is a good name. love you all auntie jo