The Over-zealous Craigslister

Sorry blog world, I have taken a slight hiatus. Please forgive me.

While on my break, I've been dabbeling into new areas. One being Craigslist. I mean, I've always searched for odds and ends on craigslist, but never pulled the trigger, because in my crazy paranoid mind, Craigslist = getting murdered (I blame most of my paranoia on lifetime). And since I wasn't in the mood to be murdered, I felt like  nothing was really worth the danger. Everyday I would check the listings thinking, "no thanks craigslist, I'd rather stay alive".

 Until I saw it...my kryponite. An antique church pew.

For most of my life, I have always dreamed of having a church pew. I've always drooled over them in antique store windows, and am almost always keeping my head on a swivel looking for the perfect size and style. In fact, the moment we first went through our house I fell in love with the entry dining area because, you guessed it, THERE...RIGHT THERE a  church pew would be perfect. I can't even go to church without visualizing slapping a coat of shabby chic paint on one and sticking it somewhere in my house. I have church pew obssevia (hey... isn't admitting it the first step though?).

Basically I'm a 70 year old woman trapped in a 26 year olds body.

Being an old soul, and well researched on the topic... I realized that finding one in stellar condition would take some mad moolah, and since we didn't have that I knew finding a decrepid, old one that needed a little love would have to do. But that was okay I LOVE projects:  thus begain the hunt and started my fingers-a-clicking on that craigslist screen. For a few weeks I found nothing I could afford, and nothing that would fit in my small entryway space. Until this friday at least.

My beliefs on antiques is that you don't find them...they find you. And when you find them it's like the heavens part and opera like singing comes from my mouth ( I can't stop it...it just happens). Last friday I found what I have been looking for.

A rustic, short church pew. For only 20 dollars.


it was an hour away, it looked like it may fall apart, and it had been sitting outside. But none of that mattered. And as quickly as I could, I contacted the seller via email. First negotiating the price to 14 dollars, because I'm good like that. And then emailing her to find out when I could make this church pew my own.

Let me stop here. Those people who know me well, know that I have the tendancy to get a little, erm over excited....okay a lot over excited. I have boundless energy sometimes, and usually it's well accepted and recieved. Unfortunately sometimes it's hard to sense that excitement through email. Or through 26 emails. Yes I was that excited that I emailed. And emailed. and emailed. All the while fearful that this could be a trap and that I could be lured into murder. But I was willing to take the risk.

on the 19th email I discussed picking up the church pew. I was going to be in the area Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. I emailed to the seller that I could pick it up on friday, but it would have to be after 9pm.

I WAS COMPLETELY unaware of how crazy I appeared. I didn't recieve a response until the next morning. But not thinking anything of it I continued to email. and email. and email. on the 20th email we made plans that I would pick it up Saturday afternoon. I would be in town anyway, and it woudn't be an extra trip. Emails 21 through 26 were basically me asking the pickup address, with no avail and no response from the seller. Again I want to reiterate...I WAS EXCITED. That morning at work, I saw my best friend Lindsay and told her jokeingly that I was going to get murdered at 3:00...yes I have a sick sense of humor. Although she laughed...she told me she was going to come too (following me in her car), and after telling her two teenage sisters, they were eager to come along for the ride (I'm tellling you it's a rush). I was nervous about the pickup and secretly...okay outwordly grateful that they were going to come with me since my husband wasn't able to.

All I had to do was wait. And wait. Finally about 3 hours before the scheduled pickup, I recieved the email I had been waiting for. This one didn't have an address, but a phone number. I called it immediately and a sweet older lady answered the phone. After a few minutes of polite chatting, I could tell that she finally deemed me worthy of knowing her address. She gave it to me and as I was getting ready to hang up the phone she told me that she had been concerned that I was a criminal, and that she was very hesitant to give her information to me.

SHOCKED, I hung up the phone and immediately re-checked my emails.

After re-reading them I realized that I sounded like a psycho on caffine.

I was the lunatic that I was afraid of.

Over-zealous at best.

BUT HEY. it's my very own  church pew...Cut me some slack.

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