She get it from her mama...

While I'm still enjoying all that the holidays have to offer (snow, laughter,family) I'm realizing that with age, comes the closing of the gap of when you become your ancestors. Slowly but surely I am becoming my mother. Or my mother is becoming me. Either way it's stressing the hubster out big time.

We are now three days into the visit, and as my sadness began to grow with the impending goodbye to my mom (she lives an hour away, and too far for a cup of coffee in the morning) it was quickly elbow dropped by the dying of my mom's car alternator. Yes for 2 whole hours now, we have been experiencing Def Con 5 Susie, who is very and I mean, very easily stressed out by unplanned events.

She's so stressed out that I've found myself to be the voice of reason. God help us all.

I've never realized that along with eye color, hair color and height; also being ridiculously irrational is  hereditary trait. Along with trying to talk down the Suze-miester during her rant, my duties have also included calling numerous car repair centers, searching for the same items over and over (keys phone, wallet), and replacing our  miscellaneous home items that have been moved to bizarre places during said rant... I have laughed my face off.

Simply because I am cut from the same cloth.

Perhaps these experiences with my mom will help me to see that acting irrationally doesn't really help the situation, and by being on the other side of things, maybe it will create an internal voice of reason in my brain.

HIGHLY doubtful.

Odds are genetics will win out every time, unfortunately for my hubster. But I can always guarantee that life will never be boring.

Stressful and irrational...but never boring.

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