Our Year in Review

WHEW! The end of 2012 is upon us, and it's been a very blessed and amazing year! I thought I would sum up our year with a kiss farewell, blog style. Looking back it's crazy to see how time flies, I know that I sound like I'm 70, but since I've become a parent, and been counting in months and days (and at the beginning, hours) has really put into perspective how precious each moment is.

so without further adieu 2012 remix style.

January After false labors, clumsy falls and a stomach virus our Elliot Gerald made it safely and might I add easily into our lives. Our little Squisher with his deep hearty laugh eased into our family, and has made us complete. We were so blessed to have such a happy, smiley, bubbly baby in our lives, and I know that God has big plans for him. January also brought us another side of Theo...the big brother side, and nothing makes me happier than his insistence to hug and kiss Elliot every night before bed and to pray with him throughout the day. Not only brothers, I know that these guys will be best friends.

February  Brought another candle on Theo's birthday cake, and with that came a smart, witty funny two year old who is super smart, and tends to outwit us more than we would like to admit. Although two brought more attitude and Independence, it was hardly terrible. Is that all you got terrible twos? Bring it.

March was a quieter month, and although there weren't many milestones, hubby's heart had become heavy after being stuck in a job that he didn't love. After countless conversations and a ton of prayer, we just decided to leave it in God's hands and be thankful for our home, our health and our family.

But in April, God's time aligned with our time, and the hubs found out that his contract would not be re-instated after the finish of the school year. What for me was a source of constant anxiety and stress, combined with my irrational influx of job searches, ended up being the push that Hub needed to transition to his dream job, selling insurance with his family. Heck, the hubs even gave me a blush moment when he told me that I was the inspiration for him to start a blog. total  aw shucks moment . You can check out his blog by clicking here. He's smart, and funny and compassionate, not to mention good looking...check it out!

May took me from 25, mid-twenties to 26...almost 30, which began my immediate quarter life crisis. This birthday brought me a bit of doom and gloom and more irrational behavior, fearing that just being a stay at home mom wasn't good enough, and that I needed to work to achieve something bigger and better. On the bright note, this year finally  made me realize that I don't always need to be reaching, that I'm doing great things by being home with my boys. Best lesson ever. Talk about growing up.

While in my growing up stage, which really is continuing as we speak, June brought me a new sense of confidence. What seemed like a simple haircut, was a new beginning. A new start and a letting go of the fear of being different. It brought me a new sense of self. Even when my friend Mags (perks of being a retired hairstylist, friends cutting your hair...) was cutting my flowing locks shorter than they had ever been before, she asked me if everything was okay, because usually in the salon big hair changes= dramatic life changes. Little did I know it, but at the time I was changing. My heart was changing to accept  life for what it is, and learning to grow without the inhibitions of social stereotypes. Uh can we say liberation? Plus I got a totally rad haircut out of the deal. Bonus.

July and August were a bit more laid back, with them came new developments from both boys and more anxiety from mom and dad.  A sense of sadness washed over me as the school year began with the realization that Hubster's career wasn't going back to the way it was. The fall ushered in new fears and dug up the old ones, but with the changing leaves came more opportunities and less time to worry.

September marked the beginning of fall, and the sense of becoming more comfortable with being a mom of two. It just seemed like the natural progression, so easy and flawless, and I began to think forward and back about God's plan for me and what great things He has done in my life. It also solidified the fact that I can't wait to joke around with my boys as described in this post.  I realized that being a parent is also about being able to uplift in the hardest situations. Oh and also not ever being "too grownup" for buttcrack jokes.

October is one of my favorite months of the year. This year it brought us a beautiful fall, perfect weather and of course Halloween...The perfect time to really let my freak flag fly.  Along with pumpkin patches, hayrides and pumpkin spice lattes (ok that was beginning of november but still funny nonetheless) we enjoyed a fall with a mobile baby and an excited toddler. Pure perfection. Oh, and we also found Waldo.

November showed us that everything that we have,  can be lost in an instant. With a short hospital stay with Elliot and meeting some tough little fighters, we learned that life is precious and meant to be lived to the fullest everyday. No regrets. We also learned that as parents, we need to follow our instincts and fight for our babies to be their voice. Luckily, Elliot was better after his stay, and life returned to normal rather quickly, but our eyes were opened to those others that are suffering and fighting for life everyday. Please please pray for those who are sick and suffering.

And here we are on the last day in December. The beginning of this month brought fear in the hearts of parents everywhere, and the knowledge that the world is full of unimaginable evil. In the last few weeks, however many stories of love and caring have restored my faith in humanity and solidified my faith as a follower of Christ. Plus, we all survived the end of the world , which I think deserves a t-shirt, at least a bumper sticker. Someone should write the President of the Mayan culture for that one. I feel like we all deserve some credit for our mad survival skills.

In all seriousness...Thank you for giving a hoot about our goings on, and helping me fufil my dream of being an at home writer. It's a process, but I plan to keep ticking. 100 posts! That's the real deal!

I hope the New Year brings health, wealth and happiness to all who are reading this. and just remember if you take time to look around, you'll see that the world really is beautiful, you just have to allow that beauty to shine.

Cheers to 2013!

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