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how do I like it, how do I like it?

not so much.

Loved the White Christmas, but this icy snowy danger mix is really crampin' my style.

It just got real.

I had to cancel all of my dance privates today, because of the fact that death sliding down the City on the Hill to get to the highway to make my hour drive north to teach couldn't work in our non-snowmobile vehicle.

C'mon plow trucks get it going.

And this snow is not good playing or sledding snow. Not only is it snowing ice and freezing, but every time the wind blows giant ice sickles and chunks fly everywhere. I've seen enough Gray's Anatomy to know that dagger ice sickles can be lethal. no thank you. not a fan of ice impalement.

On the bright side, I get to experience all that my boys have to offer on a Saturday morning and since I usually have to miss this because of work, I get to learn what Saturdays mean to my boys.

for instance, I had no idea that Theo was so interested in the man that paints on PBS. In the event that you forget to change Thomas right after the show is over your next two hours are consumed with the slow movement of the VHS quality painting shows, and just when you think we've had enough, Bob Ross is on next. It's a two-fer. Wahoo Paint TV Saturday. Breathtakingly riveting.

Happy Saturday. From our house to yours!

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