Found Him.

Better late than never I guess.

I finally uploaded our halloween pics, LATE...I know, but there really is nothing more boring and stressful for my Attention Deficit Disorder than waiting for pictures to upload. I mean, I ADORE taking pictures, and I probably take about a million (roughly), that never see the light of day and just hang out forever on the SIM card.

I guess you could say I'm a bona-fide picture hoarder.

Anywho, we decided to be a family of Where's Waldos (no, I was NOT Where's Wanda beyond popular belief) partly because I'm halloween cheap and I like something that we can re-wear and something that doesn't look like everyone else, and partly because  in my dorky sense of humor, I thought it was pretty funny slash ironic...see there are so many Waldo's, which was the real one? haha get it? No? Okay...

 so it wasn't that funny. Even typing that I give myself an awkward silence (and I may have heard crickets). I know, I'm an idiot. But I'd like to think of myself as a creative idiot. Plus we avoided the superhero, cartoon character, zombies, etc. QUICK, air high five for literary characters!

Regardless, we got alot of positive feedback, and even more "I FOUND HIM'S", which totally made the 6 hour speed knitting hand cramp worth it (next year I vow to do a costume that doesn't wear a hat).

So close your eyes and pretend it's last week (but hurry, open them or you'll miss the entire point of this post)

Which one is which?

Yes it was cold (and rainy) but Theo had a blasty blast, and isn't that the entire point?

Besides getting candy for mommy, of course.

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