Did that really just happen? Is this real life?

Have you ever had one of those days where at the end of it you just take a step back and wonder how you ever made it to the end of the day? I wouldn't say that it was a bad day, but it was a little bizarre.

It was a Saturday, which means that I take my weekly drive north (1 hour away) and teach dance all day. Personally I enjoy the drive, because it's almost a vacation. I mean, I get to listen to whatever I want on the radio, and sing at the top of my lungs to something other than Mickey Mouse or as Theo calls it "Jesus Songs". This particular drive seemed to go by too fast, and I honestly couldn't tell you how I got to my destination (which kinda freaks me out). It's mostly highway driving, so I imagine that my cruise control just took over. I just hope that I wasn't weaving in and out of traffic like Cruisin' U.S.A. or swerving off the road like a sleepy drunk.  Regardless I (and everyone else on the road) arrived to my destination safely, so I didn't really dwell on the ride.

My first stop was the local Grocery store (Kroger), partly to pick up lunch and also to get a VENTI Pumpkin Spice Latte from the Starbucks located inside ( in non- coffee translation that means a large AWESOMELY delicious coffee) . I was so pumped for this latte, I guess I didn't notice, that even though there was a 4 foot gap between some random lady and the register, that said lady was in line ( I mean who stands 4 feet away closer to the pick up side and is in line? Fool) So like an excited idiot ( I mean come on it's pumpkin spice) I rushed up to the counter and yelled my order to the worker quickly and rather over excitedly, when a man came up to me and started yelling about how rude it was to just jump in line in front of a, 4 feet away wasn't even paying attention and appeared to be waiting on her order already, lady. I muttered an "I'm sorry" and took my place 5 feet away from the register behind her. Usually I would have been embarassed, but the Pumpkin Spice spell was on and as soon as it was my turn I again hollered my order at the worker, and blinking her eyes with a bewildered look on her face she took my money and I stepped aside to wait to pick up my order. Because that is what you do...that's Starbucks etiquette.

Then it happened. The craziest thing ever while I was waiting patiently.

The cashier who was clearly annoyed with  my enthusiasm yelled  "Venti Pumpkin Spice"! For some reason I took a hesitant step forward to grab my drink,  and all of a sudden BAM!  Some person came running up to the counter and took my drink and ran. My initial thought was "is this real life?" almost half expecting old school ashton kutcher to jump out and Punk me. But that quickly turned to anger, because DARN IT...THAT WAS MY DRINK! I turned to try to get a look at the idiot, but as quickly as they came, they ran off into the sunset.

Shocked and appalled I turned to the worker with a sad clown expression, literally ready to cry. That was the last swipe on my gift card, and I didn't have any cash. That was my one shot at a delicious coffee explosion, and just like that it was gone. The employee and I stared at each other for what seemed like forever (seriously it was totally awkward) when she finally said "well I've never seen that happen, let me make you a new one".  You know the rest, the heavens parted, a choir of angels appeared bah blah blah...yummy coffee.

Later, while enjoying my pumpkin treat, I couldn't help but applaud the coffee bandit for their timing and their almost flawless execution of what may be one of the best robberies of all time. I don't agree with stealing, but I know that Pumpkin Spice latte's do crazy things to a person, and sometimes you just gotta go to drastic measures to get your fix.

However, it's a good thing that Starbucks kindly took the hit and made me another one free of charge, because that coffee bandit may have had a different outcome to his/her day if they hadn't.

Because Pumpkin Spice Latte's are delicious and totally worth all of  the drama.

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