I am the WORST diciplinarian.

In Taylor Swift jargan..."Like EVER"

I can't help it. It's like my brain is programmed to crack up everytime my two year old contorts into a cirque du solei-esque body position during one of the many Fitcapades that he throws. It's not even 10:00 and we've had four fits already; three of them stemming from the fact that I put yogurt on the sacred breakfast banana instead of the obvious choice of peanut butter. I mean duh mommy, get it together.

They say not to give attention to bad behavior, but what do you do when that bad behavior is hilarious? I can do a pretty mean poker face usually, but when something takes me by complete suprise...I'm done for.

And how do you tell a kid to stop when you can't stop laughing yourself?

Even two year olds can see through that "lesson".

I think we're on the path to raising boys as bizarre as we are.

You're welcome world.

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